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Review of Lust Shards

SubjectLust Shards
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Skylerr on 2023-01-22
ReviewNot much to say except that it's a great experience overall. Absolutely love the characters and the way they talk, all of them have unique and have fun personalities.
There are a lot of grammar mistakes so far, but whenever I see one I just chuckle to myself, it doesn't bother me too much, so I won't deduct points for that, but I know it must be a turnoff for a lot of people.
The world and story are awesome although a bit complicated at times (which can be a good thing in the long run), I really want to see how everything ties together, I'll have to wait and see.
For now I'll give the green card and say that it definitely deservers a chance, for both people who are looking for horny stuff, and the casual players.
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