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Review of Paradise

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VwVneer on 2023-01-22
ReviewOverall: impactful
my 2nd bl game and boi it didn't disappoint 😁 seggs was included, it has loads of toxic-y things happening , so yea be aware
Common route : gives a general idea on MC and the plot
LI routes :Bad endings are more in this game so i suggest u do them first, generally good ending is the longest but there's a long bad ending for each character
There are 3 LIs to choose from , tho last one is unlocked after you play the first two
i think it has a good mix of plot and character developments
Romance : not quite in ur face, their relationship gets better by progressing further , the sweet moments are great 🥰
Music: background music is not bad🙌
Art: plenty of different expressions for each CG 😌 they look handsome except for some characters that were average or ugly 😂
Voice actors: 😳 i mean i can say that this alone will make u immerse urself in the game world

side note: i cried more than usual while playing this game 😭 and just flatly lost it in one of the bad endings , it destroyed me simply😔
i don't know how to judge a game writing 😅 i believe this game did a great job in it , wither it was characters personality or their thoughts and dialogue , to me it felt consistent 🫶 not a big fan of the very final revelation ,the journey is very much worth it .

my favorite LI is Mitsugi > Matsuda > Takara , best boi is Azuma obviously :heart_eyes:
Mitsugi is just delicious :yum: their hate to love transition was very delightful *chef kiss* , also he stayed the same in all endings/routes , i love his calm way of thinking, the fact he know he's weaker than Azuma, how bashful he got at that moment , IT WAS PRECIOUS.
Matsuda is generally a great adult , just his DV side was triggering to me, he has other many nice qualities, like how responsible he is, his childish side, honest and cleasr on his feelings.
Takara well bcs of a lot of things if you played the game you will understand, also his design was not the best , how he expresses himself is just not my cup of tea , trashest of trash the most psycho of all.
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