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Review of Kiara And My Ara Ara Adventure

SubjectKiara And My Ara Ara Adventure
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SomeDude on 2023-01-23
ReviewThere are some western eroge VNs that are good, and many.... not so much.

Kiara is an example of a nukige that was a bit too ambitious for its own good, but really lacking in its payoff. How come?

Well, from the very beginning of the game, the title heroine makes it clear that she is willing and wanting to do many, many sexual things with the protagonist. Also, there's a million little choices to be made, which build up to affect the ending.

However... there is only one sex scene. at the very end of the game. That's right... this is a nukige with only a single sex scene. Everything else is not-sex.

So in the end... it really misses the entire point of what a sex game is all about. What kind of sex game only has a million choices, but only one sex scene? This kind, apparently.
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