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Review of Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai

SubjectHoshi Ori Yume Mirai
Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai - Perfect Edition - Download Edition
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anavels on 2023-01-23
ReviewHoshiOri is like fast food. Pretty common analogy to describe guilty pleasure vns right? Fast food is considered a guilty pleasure. Except real life fast food is at least super concentrated with "flavor” from all the sodium and fat and sugar thus making customers hooked and addicted to it. HoshiOri is just instead supremely bland. Like taking the film container of chicken breast you bought from the grocery cutting it open and throwing it in boiling water and eating it straight up. You’ve just eating fast food that taste bland as heck and there’s negative nutrition values and it doesn’t make much sense (ignore the chicken breast in this example because it’s counterintuitive to this since it’s healthy). HoshiOri=eating bland fast food, chicken=simile for blandness of hoshiori

People mention the production and yes it is very sleek. This isn’t exactly some huge plus since high production doesn’t always equal “artistically good”. It’s just sleek high quality generic charage/moege esque style. You might like it a lot. You may be one of those people who can’t stand the weeb artstyle pass 2015 and can consume whatever garbage anime gets pumped out this season because it looks decent while avoiding anything older than like 2010 no matter how universally agreed how good it is because it doesn’t look like sleek high quality anime style. I find it kinda whatever.

So i’ve ragged on this game a lot but I do think there is one single redeeming quality and that is the “idea” of HoshiOri. The idea of spending time with anime waifus chilling, the picturesque and romanticizing of summer, tanabata, growing up, stars and all the rest of the other stuff that really can’t be captured in words or just as described. At least not without significantly analyzing something that is pretty intuitive if you just experience it instead. I can still vividly “feel” the two scenes at the beginning, one of our protagonist arriving at the town of Shionagi and the sensations of it and the one of him first checking out the school and the swaying of the leaves as he arrived

So while the experience of actually going through the game may be death by a thousand cuts in hindsight and before playing the game the idea seems pretty cool even if the idea of the game is a dangling carrot

Finished: Marika/Natsuki. "Dropping" in the middle of touko route. I am aware there are some holes in my review due to not having played the other routes. Like a whole four of them. Part of me wants to continue in spite and because of "sunk cost". Also the two hottest girls (therefore best routes probably) (rikka/touko) I haven't played. But I think there is probably better use of my time playing other stuff than to do that

Review intentionally made “general” and “non-in depth”. This is a feature not a bug to compliment HoshiOri’s lack of depth

P.S so i'm not really sure how to fit this in the whole piece of the puzzle and this is about a different game. But I thought it was worth including for some insight into my mindset.

The idea of Pursuing Gin'iro Haruka has always been even more enticing than HoshiOri. That is to say, they both drew me in the same way in the past. I even included it in that MG VN questionnaire thingy sometime in the past. My understanding of Ginharu is that replace the summer stuff I ranted on about how HoshiOri is good with the winter/general aesthetic that I like even more and with generally hotter waifus. But I think it's best to leave Tone works stuff alone for a long time if not forever (unless they make something new that's really different or something)
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#1 by onorub
2023-01-23 at 10:39
< report >I'd say HoshiOri is more like a very sweet candy: it's objectively good when it comes to candy-making but you're not gonna like it if don't have a sweet tooth.
#2 by subtodub
2023-01-23 at 11:16
< report >More like comfort food for me, relaxing, familiar, and reliable to go back into whenever I need it.
#3 by AmanoKaze
2023-01-23 at 11:19
< report >Alright who plays hoshi ori as a guilty pleasure?
#4 by cheekyman07
2023-01-24 at 05:34
< report >This is a well recieved and rated vn. Not niche, vanilla, etc. That's not what a guilty pleasure is.

Like an example in the vn world would be like enjoying foot fetish vn's or something, or enjoying a vn despite it having bad overall ratings.
#5 by anavels
2023-01-24 at 06:30
< report >This school of moege/charage=ratings can't save it. Definitely can be a guilty pleasure, even if you personally don't agree. There were literally moments of me chuckling at scenes feeling guilty and a bit foolish for enjoying it for a second until my rational mind sets inLast modified on 2023-01-24 at 06:42
#6 by AmanoKaze
2023-01-24 at 08:35
< report >That's just you then, OP. It's not a matter of school of moege but the game is definitely not niche. Well if you feel embarrassed if people find out you play games like this i guess you can consider it a guilty pleasure, but for the majority of people that just not seems to be the caseLast modified on 2023-01-24 at 08:53
#7 by anavels
2023-01-24 at 10:16
< report >>That's just you then, OP.

yes it's my review of a game that I wrote about how I feel about it

>Well if you feel embarrassed if people find out you play games like this i guess you can consider it a guilty pleasure, but for the majority of people that just not seems to be the case

well yes these games are weird but i'm not sure where you you got this from. I'm not embarrassed of playing it not like i'm sitting in some public space playing the game. i'm thinking to myself it's such a waste of time when I can play something better and not something in the vicinity of tone works yuzusoft smee esque moege
#8 by AmanoKaze
2023-01-24 at 10:46
< report >Welp that sounds more like you just hate yourself for enjoying it. Not much of a guilty pleasure tbh, but hey if you still insist on calling this game that then you do you i supposeLast modified on 2023-01-24 at 10:46
#9 by cheekyman07
2023-01-24 at 16:08
< report >#5 Please understand that i'm not telling you my personal thoughts or opinions, but correcting a misconception you have based on what the definition of something is. Nothing more.
#10 by cameron997456
2023-01-27 at 11:53
< report >Ill just say this, if you dont like moege/charages simply dont read it and on top of that why are you even bothering making a useless review for those who actually may be interested. I definitely understand that its not for everyone to like this genre but if you know you dont like it already why read it...well guess what THEN DONT...its such a simple solution

On a side note the whole point of the dialogue in hoshi ori isnt to feel like it has a billion layers its meant to be more realistic then most VN's hence why there is not much drama, no real forced drama and why its really just a VN about you reallllly getting to know the girls...thats about it
#11 by anavels
2023-01-27 at 13:28
< report >are you one of those people that can't fathom doing or seeing something uncomfortable? How can I be so sure I wouldn't have liked it if I had little reference of playing any of their games? What if that ideal of summer thing I mentioned could've made it all worth it? How can anyone even attempt to guess if I game isn't for them if all they see is the same review copy pasted 20 times praising the game? is that not "more useless"? How are you so sure I 'don't like moege/charage"? You do know I gave a moege title with mostly sol the same rating as eustia the plotge and "this school of thought" was mentioned for a specific reason?

It's a review of a video game that I played not some cult contribution in the form of a review. It's pretty scathing but I do think it's level headed and quite thought out for what it is. But honestly a 5 isn't the worst thing ever even if it is for me like on the brink of a bad game. I just don't like dishing out high scores. If I played a game and I wanna review it because I feel there's something to add then i'll do it

I will say though that I do think some parts of the analogy at the beginning is a bit forcedLast modified on 2023-01-27 at 13:33
#12 by cameron997456
2023-01-27 at 18:36
< report >No I simply responded when you wrote that you basically think its a waste of time reading tone works, yuzusoft, smee esque moege which even without tone works being there since you tried it...if you dont like yuzusoft or smee I can barely imagine you like moege at all. Yuzusoft is basically the definition of what moege is and smee works on a slightly different moege perspective, hence what would you like then? To me, and likely others if you said you thought it was a waste to read those I would quickly infer you do not like moege one bit.

As for your question of having little reference of playing any of there games, while it isn't true of all since its generally how it works, when people tend to not like either the typical moege formula aka yuzusoft or the slightly different approach smee if then typically doesn't matter what other company they try since at the end of the day moege in general in not a genre that really has too much variance in VN's. They basically follow the same formula so if you don't like said formula the company ends up not mattering much. Also fun fact if you actually read my own review of the VN (and I barely do them) you would have much better understand this VN right off the bat...maybe you didn't read it since i used the spoiler option on since it was more convienient. This is literally what I wrote at the top:

To start off, this VN is NOT something everyone will like, in fact many people will probably believe it is boring to some extent. Since in truth this VN is the definition of "normal", there is very little drama and really stretches out just normality in life and a relationship. If you are looking for something that would be "interesting", more plot focused or even drama focused this is simply not it and you will most likely not like it. If you do like SOL to the extreme, or just enjoy something that is easy to read here you go and its done almost perfectly.

Because you know this isn't a VN for everyone, its only for those who realllly love this genre.
#13 by cubky
2023-01-27 at 19:26
< report >>if you dont like yuzusoft or smee I can barely imagine you like moege at all

Im sorry, what? That is for certain one of the most stupid takes I read on here.
#14 by shanks
2023-01-27 at 23:06
< report >After reading your review. I literally got no idea why you dropped it.
You are just beating around the bush and then weirdly comparing it with fast-food.
Then you start to mention ppl who like this or that... instead of telling us the whole reason why you didnt like it.

- was it the characters?
- SoL setting?
- the protagonist?

bruh... this aint even a review at this point.
Can't be that hard to just write down the points you liked and didnt like.Last modified on 2023-01-27 at 23:07
#15 by anavels
2023-01-28 at 04:10
< report >>if you dont like yuzusoft or smee I can barely imagine you like moege at all

Were you not able to comprehend the part where I said I gave another moege a good rating? Surely you can understand smee and yuzusoft cannot possibly represent the entirety of the genre. It's a problem of good game and bad game and not because it's moege

>bruh... this aint even a review at this point.

Read the review again and think really carefully. I think your reading comprehension is really not there. Do I need to write you a sparknotes and put it in the plainest term possible in bullet points with a good and bad column because you can't understand the review?Last modified on 2023-01-28 at 04:23
#16 by cheekyman07
2023-01-28 at 04:50
< report >#14 The op did express why they did not like it, but yes like you say it's confusing to read. I will try summarize. Correct me if im wrong op btw.

- The game is generic, boring, and did not have any of it's genres strengths.
- The art is made well, but it's generic. It's nothing special.
- The overall premise of the game looks good, interesting and immersive. The first scenes were promising. However, the rest of the game does not deliver on it and it ended up being wasted potential.

That's what I took from it, and like you say there's a number of things missing. It's still a review though.
#17 by shanks
2023-01-28 at 13:25
< report >#15

as cheeky already said it. its confusing to read it and how long it even takes for u to come to the point.
its not about me understanding its about you talking too much around the bush.
as i already said it, your comparison to fast food is kinda weird imo.

you are honestly not even talking about the characters which are the heart of this game my brother in christ. especially since its a charage.
I am not telling you to like this VN. its obv subjective for everyone else. not everyone likes the same things.

It's just kinda bothers me that you dont really talk about the characters which are the main focus because literally nothing happens. Its purely SoL and charage.Last modified on 2023-01-28 at 13:29
#18 by anavels
2023-01-28 at 16:29
< report >Do you nit pick every review like this? Yes, I mention nit pick and because I think that's what it really is happening.

Not saying you're offended by my review or anything and it probably isn't that deep resentment or anything. But I do think is some sort of dislike of the review not necessarily because it's problematic as a review and rather because you kinda don't like my opinion of the game.

(Above paragraph excludes the analogy at the beginning as although I think it makes sense the consensus that it is weird as been repeatedly pointed out and that call out is probably justified)

>It's just kinda bothers me that you dont really talk about the characters which are the main focus because literally nothing happens. Its purely SoL and charage.

Would be understandable but I don't see why this particular point is a requirement hence why I considered it a nitpick. Like sure maybe there is some validity to it but it's just some VNDB review and imagine if we all thought about what wasn't included in any given review instead of focusing on what is. All those short reviews on the website essentially state next to nothing should be targeted first.

I deliberately chose to not talk about this as in the part where I state

>Review intentionally made “general” and “non-in depth”. This is a feature not a bug to compliment HoshiOri’s lack of depth

The reason is, and yes I thought about it before writing the review, there is nothing of note to talk about character wise beyond already said which is super bland. Also, my review is made with other reviews in mind. If you want a review to tackle that stuff it's probably been covered in some other review. Again, I think it's a nitpick because it's unreasonable to ask someone for lacking detail in a damn vndb review that's just weird behavior to fixate on

Is my review too detailed in a unorthodox way and generally roundabout? People slightly annoyed I wrote a scathing review they don't like? Are people having problems with my review due to language barrier? Or a localization of yuzusoft/smee/friends and nekonyan adjacent games and localizers induced brain degredation? Not sure probably a combination of all fourLast modified on 2023-01-28 at 16:36
#19 by shanks
2023-01-28 at 16:36
< report >> and rather because you kinda don't like my opinion of the game.

I can gurantee you that its not about ur opinion for not liking this game.
As I said earlier, people have their own opinions. If they like it or not, its not really my problem. There are more than enough Animes which people call a masterpiece but i rather found it boring e.g. Gurren Lagann or Violet Evergarden for example.
Even Umineko was kinda overrated and I just disliked the last 2 parts.

My issue is the same as before, not going through the charactera you completed at least. Especially since it is a charage and SoL VN. I don't know why you refuse to talk about the heart of the game.
This has nothing to do being unorthodox. Its just... why?

You are talking about "general" and “non-in depth” but since when can't you just give your 2 cents about the heroines w/o going in depth?

Furthermore that last sentence was kinda unnecessary. Especially since I dont even read moeges for years anymore. They are just boring.Last modified on 2023-01-28 at 16:38
#20 by anavels
2023-01-28 at 16:57
< report >>I can gurantee you that its not about ur opinion for not liking this game.

I think it's subconscious because there is no other logical reason I can see being fixating on this when it's already been addressed multiple times. I have no idea why you're still focusing on this.

>My issue is the same as before, not going through the charactera you completed at least. Especially since it is a charage and SoL VN. I don't know why you refuse to talk about the heart of the game.

the problem is that this is all your opinion of "what the heart of the game is" and thus can't fathom that maybe others don't think the same as you. I don't particularly care to mention Marika's weird quirk of being a scaredy cat, Ryousuke weird obsession with Azuma Morio or Natsuki's playful nature because It doesn't particularly resonate with me. I already touched on what I think the heart of the game is and I still don't get how you can't see it. I already touched on the heart of the game to me on the idea of hoshi ori. Idea not just what I thought the game is or isn't through reason or logic or other suppositions of the mind prior to playing but really relevant is the image in mind, a mental image derived empircally through the sensory input as well. So there is two meaning to the idea of hoshi ori and why I specifically mentioned "feeling" scenes " and intuitive experience. The idea of hoshi ori is not just the former hurr durr I thought a game is like this but it isn't because then I can't claim A priori tp "vividly feel" an experienceLast modified on 2023-01-28 at 17:12
#21 by shanks
2023-01-28 at 17:09
< report >sigh... whatever bro. do what you want.

I literally asked you to give your 2 cents about the heroines. i really dont know how hard it is to understand that a charage VN is carried by the damn heroines. Its not like they are some background characters who aint important for the overall scheme?
Obv you can give a general statement about them. But you just refuse to even answer it.
Do you really hate to answer peoples question directly and making an unnecessary detour?

Anywa. I am done. HF.Last modified on 2023-01-28 at 17:11
#22 by anavels
2023-01-28 at 17:13
< report >>Do you really hate to answer peoples question directly and making an unnecessary detour?

no but I will consider it more if people overfixate on and it pester me about itLast modified on 2023-01-28 at 17:13
#23 by cameron997456
2023-01-30 at 00:37
< report >From what I got from the last many comments is what anavels think is the "heart" of the VN would be correct for most moeges and anything not tone works, but since its tone works the point of the VN is a bit different even if your opinion says otherwise. My point here is that the idea of hoshi ori is realism, no its not perfect, but it sure is one of the most realistic VN's out there. This is one of the main reason people don't like this VN since due to the realism there really is no crazy drama, or really any at all minus one route, and its "boring" because lets be honest real life is well boring. While this may also seem like an opinion is much more of comparing the writing an layout of hoshi to other moege's, in which hoshi ori is clearly different in many areas. (this though doesn't have any merit if you enjoy this vn or not).

Also #13, once you read enough moege and have talked about them enough with others you start to realize its the category that ends up being so similar most of the time. Yes are moege's different from each other in some ways sure, but they are common in so many that it can get very repetitive hence why if you don't like the one end of the spectrum of moege yuzusoft or the other end in smee I find it hard to believe you really like moege. You may enjoy SOL still but a full on moege I hardly see. P.S. there is a reason why moege's have been the best selling VN's for a long time and why they continue to be, they follow a similar formula and people love to buy it.