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Review of Fate/stay night

SubjectFate/stay night
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TAMNI-GT on 2023-01-23 last updated on 2023-08-03
ReviewFate Stay Night, also known as a waifus and husbandos pokemon with the right to slice of life and some good philosophies in between. Oh, and before you ask, yes! Berserker can be considered a husbando, you just need to surpass the levels of sanity and human fetishes! (Anyone team monster cock besides me?)

For the main heroines, we have kuudere, tsundere and dandere, similar to the starter pokemons, squirtle, charmander and bulbassaur. His attacks are as predictable and superficial as his own class, at least initially, because depending on the favorable environment, his status increases and with the course of the adventure, the character evolution in front of the reader's perception, also expands. Thus, it represents routes as environments and evolution as the course of the literary adventure (I like to think of VNs as a book with choices). Thus, Emiya Shirou is the pokemon master who will remove each of these from their own captivity in pokeballs, although, without any shred of irony, he uses his own balls in each of the routes to save the girls.

Anti-horny WARNING: As VNs, also known as Virgo Novels, are heavily used as orgasmic material, I warn you that although there are sex and ecchi scenes, they are not at all pleasurable. The protagonist's penis looks like a roblox arm, and the girls have weak measurements and volumes in the ass and thigh. Really, I can't see, who would be the patient capable of ejaculating with that, even considering post-wank depression

Okay, stopping with the antics, let's start with the introduction...
In FSN, it's not your choices that chart your course, but the route that determines your choices. From one point of view, obscuring the player's freedom is very befitting an adaptation referring to other media. However, if to the detriment of such convenience, it generates an inconvenience for the reader, what aesthetic value is there in this?
My problem with Stay Night, is that in reference to "Fate" and "UBW", it's not like things gradually become murky and the reader doesn't notice. Quite the contrary, it's like a blackout where the complaint and the cursed surprise will come as the first feeling

To make it clearer, Shirou materializes according to which route is chosen, having a main meaning for each of them. Skipping the philosophy of each one of them, let's go to the problem of the question..... People who could be saved, decisions that would clearly go wrong, enemies spared or simply forgotten by an idiotic act (the saving part is fine, but forgetting It's one of the biggest pieces of shit I've ever seen). Factors like these are forgotten or replaced by mediocre and idiotic excuses like "fear", being the main ones affected by this lack of determination and subtlety of Shirou, being Illya, Berserk, Shinji, his school friends and many others. Sometimes, even the philosophy itself ends up getting in the way, because as they all complete each other in heavens fells (although predictable, it is in fact, a complex and profound way), it is as if "Fate" and "UBW, do not obscure the issues with mastery , but a blackout that generates the synergy of stupidity to replace all electricity, just hate, without much despair

Thus, what was missing for a long time in this work was subtlety in its construction of mystery and external factors for conflict resolutions (or at least, postponing them), either through strategic and creative scenarios, or simply, deciding to really try to save people with their argumentation and determination, than simply forgetting about them at the expense of moral convenience, as hero X villain (although half of this is part of the writing in demonstrating Shirou's contradiction, the other half is just such stupidity)

Grieving the heart is not good for sanity, nor for FSN fans, so before giving more exact examples of its negative points, let's raise some positivity here.

In the "fate" route (saber's route), we see a more lethargic shirou, opaque in his feelings and filled with his trauma. It's about the promise he made with Saber in Oath to Avalon... that as long as he remained a hero, she would be his knight.
The scabbard of morals and the sword of judgment.
The story of the development of a hero who would need to be the principle of light (never forgetting the fire that destroyed him), and a rising king who needed from the beginning to forget his humanity and surrender to the logic and nobility of a knight for his Kingdom

The question here is to what extent can you say that this desire is yours or just a generational tradition, without being able to understand what is selfishness and altruism, and what is wrong with following idealism (Pictured in utopia).
Well, it's wrong to submit to the coldness of the present, but just as depressing as living in an ideal world without real human warmth, after all, no human is ideal. Therefore, we must always aim for an ideal, to oppose all the coldness of this world... It's like they say, on a dark road, we need to turn on the lights, because even though we can't be the flame that will always erase the darkness, we can be responsible for mastering that flame and illuminating our surroundings before everything goes out.
In the end, Shirou and Saber fulfilled their oath and accepted the fate of their ideals, for even though they were confused, at the end of the world filled with disaster, their promise would never disappear, as they fulfilled their oath before Avalon, and at the end of their time, confused in utopia and dystopia, they accepted their fate and smiled about it
(You might also convince yourself that the state of "immortality" granted by Excalibur and Avalon is the ultimate in your oath and destiny.)

If the "fate" route in Stay Night was compared to the defense stat, then "UBW" would be its attack. Since I'm not going to talk about negativity right now, just think about "passive" and "active", or less pervertedly, "shy" and "stubborn".

It's about reinforcing your ideals in steel, until the fire that was your trauma fortifies your evil-cutting sword. It doesn't mean that Shirou is amoral and a maker of ideals, but just that he saw such a great beauty in that sword, that he wanted to design it in such an original way, that it would be indistinguishable its difference and whose replica would be, and so, that boy who was reborn in fire, could be happy, after all, there was the same happiness for more than one person and that it was not wrong to be happy when someone was saved.
Yes... Unlike the cold analysis of the mages, they could only sense the blade that reaps souls, a cheap and copied ideal. On the other hand, Shiro saw humanity in this, saw the passion of the sword, saw the love of a creator of limitless swords, and because of that, his ideal was as original as the manufactured sword lying dormant in an iron graveyard, Similar to his father's dream that Shirou couldn't allow himself to become a failure

It is this humanity that differentiates Shirou from a magician like Rin, because while the essence of a magician resided in seeing through evil, Emiya Shirou was the principle of hope, after all, he was a hero.
This was probably why Tohsaka fell in love, as it was the kindness that the world of wizards reeking of death could not give him. An ally that would surpass all the pride of a noble family, just like the old "lady and the tramp" novels (In a way, good writing even for a terrible personality that are the tsunderes).

The message here is that regardless of past or future, the present was the same. Saber taught us to accept the fate that was our past, but, UBW teaches us that even if the future is devastating, we cannot doubt the beauty of our heart, but we must reinforce it so that the beauty cannot be destroyed. Of course, in a way, this leads to fanaticism, but surviving this kind of tendency may be what it means to follow the ideal of justice. There was no way to kill your past (less so in a severe case of existential crisis) as depicted in the battle of ideals between servant and master, but there was still a way to save your future.....
Seeing nothing of yourself beyond emptiness, being one with nature, serving only human good, not your own. On the other hand, when Shirou decides to let all this nature burn, even if he saw it as such a beautiful ideal, he understands the contradiction of a forest that is green but red, alive but surrounded by death. He understands that he doesn't need to be an archer, he doesn't need to watch it from afar, but at least he could consider his happiness and fill his void. That's what for him meant becoming one with the target, but while archer would hit him, Shirou would protect him. The target was his ideal, but he didn't plan to end there, his mind had already broken, but he never gave up.
This differentiated Archer and Shirou... .For along his path, everything that was worthless had become the iron of his sword, so if that was the result that changed reality, it was definitely worth following him.
He wasn't in a sword graveyard.... For Shirou, all those swords were original, and for Archer, they were just borrowed from someone else
-We can't stop our advance just by thinking about the things we lost, because those lost values ​​will one day turn into a new sword -Emiya Shirou

Yes... The sand at the foot of Archer's land, means that he left all the fire, turned into ashes, which could never unite anyone or be inseparable, after all, they truly weren't sand, just malicious ashes.
That's why, even if he wasn't a happy boy, his life had a meaning, and he couldn't abandon his ideal, because it meant abandoning himself.
-We can't stay in the same place forever... We'll go to a new place someday, but in the end, nothing will change. Everything will always be an illusion that disappears just like a mirage when someone turns around. This is our Eden, a plain full of swords (Emiya Shirou)

Heavens fells is my favorite route, where all philosophy connects in a main point called "holy grail" (Which is the only thing in the work that really has a very good mystery).
If there is any good metaphor for heavens fells, then it would be something like.... The steel will be melted by fire, which no longer resonates like trauma, but the flame of your will, and probably because of this, that heavens fells was the route that Shirou smiled the most (touching heaven and realizing that there are things more important than his ideals)

It ends up being reflected by the foreshadowing of Kiritsugu's anti-hero and the sacrifice for his ideal, without embracing any feelings along the way, unlike Shirou and Kotomine who do in the end.
Thus, the story of Shirou and Kirei is the search for the beauty of their world, which is often rushed and erroneous due to the difficulty in distinguishing between good and evil, but for that reason, it could not give in to madness, because beauty over beauty only comes with the ethical principle as a whole, such as human morals about individual hindsight.
In fact, there is no such thing as absolute good or evil, but there is a profound perception of what can distinguish this, that's why the third magic is so obscure, as it is the materialization of the human soul to discover then, what is the essence of man blessed by kindness and worldly in its cruelty.
Of course, unfortunately, Fate Stay Night can suffer a little because Emiya Shirou is a character with simple answers to well-structured questions, while Kotomine is complex questions for answers that have not yet settled in her heart, so the combination between these two, arrives at a result splendid in its virtue. That said, although most questions are woven into your creativity, the answers in simplicity might cloud your mind, but they are definitely not without value.
"It's not that his wish ends here. The journey begins here. The story to reach the farthest begins its loop with the end of a dream"

Probably the most impressive mystery here is the holy grail, not what comes from it, but its colorless manifestation, weaving a warm vision to the viewer that seems to contain both good and evil, and therefore, when introduced a strange color new in the pure container, it becomes at the same time as hope, despair... Be it the birth of an errant miracle (like a messiah) or despair in a black egg (like the antichrist).
That said, you can join the narrative in which a miracle is pure, but it takes righteous and honorable efforts to seek in you, the essence of humanity, because if you attribute the first sin, surrounded by your desire for more, you will corrupt the pure, inhibiting the salvation of others for the sake of his own honor...... That's why for Shirou, although it could be seen as evil and sacrifice to some extent, he was trying to cover all this impurity with the purest feeling that an anti-hero can have, the love that purifies the evils of the world and recovers the peace of every human, as long as in that love, he finds his rest (main difference between Shirou and Kotomine).
And that's exactly the story of heavens fells, becoming the hero of the very injustice that was that impurity that went against divine ethics and abhorred man's morals. On the other hand, as said, Shirou was not a mage, he should be a hero, and thus, he brought hope to that impurity that should not be judged, as his reckless naivete could not distinguish between good or evil, amoral. However, it could just be, as a consequence of the man himself, dead or saved, and depending on your choices on that route, that is the fate you will see.
-You're jumping to hasty conclusions. Good or evil can only be determined after an event completion. Therefore, who do you think you are to determine what will be born? (Kotomine Kirei)

The "shadow", probably means ideal imposed and manipulated by someone, without value for his own life, but by the manipulation of others. Overcoming the shadow and achieving your will is getting rid of such a curse and achieving liberation, even if looking back, see how many you hurt without really knowing how to define the distance between good and evil or even, its total power.
Including, something very cool is in heavens fells, it is how it uses pleasure, distorting morals, as a block of reasoning to satisfy what your flesh desires most, the connection, with other flesh and with the spirit.
After all, it is completely normal to blame pleasure as its own curse, and it is difficult to oppose a problem as difficult as this one, but as said, be the principle of hope, curse yourself, but never forget the sacred path that is blessing of her liberation and loneliness (That said, Kotomine can be a perfect sakura type of antagonist and connoisseur) .
-Hmm, how about this scenario? There is a sacrifice. A piece of meat that is ignored, cursed and hated by the human world. This flesh tries not to hate the world as long as it has at least one ally on its side.... It is trying to suppress its own mud, in the belief that hating the world would be betraying its ally. Truly, love is indeed a precious and powerful thing (A certain Makiri)

For Sakura, seeing Shirou act was like a sunset. A superficial view showed a fiery crimson, but on the other hand, its depth was lonely, as if even if he tried, he would achieve nothing, and eventually, he would listlessly return home. On the other hand, that was never a reason for him to stop trying, and seeing that, was the ray of light to Sakura's lonely dull night.
Probably because she was so much like him, yet different, that she felt as if she were both enlightened and embarrassed by him, yet admired him nonetheless.

And I also couldn't forget to close this, with the meaning of the Makiri's magic and Shirou's magic circuit... The meaning of the makiri's magic, stealing and taking the values ​​of others, not to affect the host, but the parasite , in a way of inducing a guilt that should not be attributed to him, creating the illusion of his destruction and the breaking of salvation, leaving only desire, found in the pleasure of guilt and resignation.
You can also see a significance in the configuration of the magic circuit of emiya shirou, accustomed to death, finding certain pleasure in his sacrifice, but still, trying to achieve heroism through the anti-hero's last act (according to Kotomine). The magic circuit being the basis of shirou's ideal, for each of his swords.

-Magic is something you teach your body. No magician creates a new circuit for every spell he uses (Tohsaka Rin... It meant that although Emiya Shirou wasn't going to betray anyone, that was exactly why, that one day he should betray his ideals)
-There's no other use for it. It is not unlimited, but draws borders without a horizon to destroy hope. There is no other use for it other than feeding other people's pain, without the teaching of returning happiness to them...... It's just sick masochism (A certain Makiri)
-I neither love nor hate this magic. It was just that I couldn't live without her (a certain makiri)

With the compliments put in checkmate, I no longer need to hold back to talk about the negatives!
For starters, before even talking about the mystery building itself, let's start with our beloved ginger monkey, chimpanzee Emiya Shirou! His non-linear thoughts cause him a gigantic naivety, without much time for disagreements, since many things seem to hide a darkness and he just idiotically ignores them.
Something that bothered me a little in this VN was the praise... I'm not extremely pessimistic, but in a logical way, the characters really praise you for having a very basic reasoning which makes me a little uncomfortable because it seems unrealistic and lying ( They're probably just surprised by Shirou's monkey IQ suddenly reaching humanity's average logical reasoning, sometimes at least)

Anyway, I spoke in general terms, but to be more specific, I will talk about the problems present in each route, in the same way that I wove it in your praise

About the "fate" route, we'll start with repetition. There's a lot of empty content here, so the author uses a lot of already positioned terms to fill in the gaps, but that doesn't make it good to read. The slice of life could be replaced by some topic really related to the mystery, if this one were worth it, since only the holy grail is interesting here, but they prefer to focus on Shinji's obvious antics and Shirou's lack of cohesion to prevent the misunderstandings with Illya (although he didn't know about his past with her, he knew about the present very well, but he decided to let the girl go while claiming a listless fear). There is no point in repetition if it cannot vibrate in your being. Just summarize the nonsense and highlight the complexity, not the other way around.

It's not a complaint from a child who didn't get the gift he wanted, but from an idiotic adult who minimally knows that there are interesting and uninteresting things (although he recognizes the perspective)....... You have 7 servants to work with your tension, investigation and mystery, but you decide to focus your attention on the most obvious one of all and that there is no doubt that it is one? What the fuck is this!? What's more, you let him loose around like he's not a problem to deal with!? Not that killing him was the solution to that, but I could arrest him or even try to save him, but he decides to go for the worst possible option!? Come on, anyone who read this knows that he had the time to deal with his shenanigans.
No conflict here was decisive, it just started and some miracle allowed it to continue to survive, even making the worst possible decisions! Avalon and the command seal seemed like good excuses to escape, but that doesn't lessen the ugliness of his script (okay, maybe avalon, since it can be described as philosophy, but it only saves a small part at the end, it's still very ugly and shameful )

Oh, and the horrible strategies!? You have environments to work with and plans to draw up, but you decide to boil it all down to "let's see who strikes first!?". On the final day, Shirou doesn't even dare to design or strengthen a weapon before the final clash, most importantly it could have cost him his life!!! What's the point of forgetting something so basic!? And that burden that is Shirou, could have ceased to be the responsibility of others, if he had used the minimum of logic a few times more than his rarity.

Oops... But it's ok, the protagonism will save you!!! And if that wasn't enough, Rin will also be saved, even if it doesn't make any sense, because her body wasn't resistant to berserk and illya wasn't playing with her anymore (strengthening her resistance wasn't Rin's specialty, and even having skills well above average for this, as demonstrated in some UBW extras, it was nowhere near able to withstand berserk). Or Shirou being saved at the LAST moment over and over again, even though the solutions passed in front of him and he ignored them.
See for example, when Shirou decides to run several times in a straight line, instead of using a window or bushes, not to mention a multitude of things that would be just as efficient! He was already running away, he wouldn't save anyone by himself, but he could have avoided even more problems, if he knew about escape and attack plans, not even a little bit his specialty, even if it's the basics

And to end this whole horror show, we still have that damn first sex scene, in the middle of a battle!!! Archer is exchanging swords with berserk like a madman, and shirou is using his sword to pierce the two of them into a ruined cathedral!? HOW MUCH HERESY!!! Shirou's penis is all messed up, his rendering looks like a roblox arm and the vaginas look like a slimy mussel! And I have to see all this meaningless atrocity!? MAGIC SEX, I ABOM IT!!!!
I didn't get even a speck of boner watching that artificial and rotten scene! Seriously, I've gotten erect for a lot of wrong things (Almost illegal, if not in 2D), but I would never have thought that a sex scene without any obscure fetishes or FBI-related stuff could make my dick sink so deep that I'd switch jobs. genre. Congratulations on this PATHETIC feat! Not even the worst nanachi atrocities could stop my boner, thank you so much for my post erection depression, fate!!!!!

In "UBW" the aforementioned problems diminish, although Shirou's "acceptance" is replaced here by his stubbornness about the "burden" he is. I could really empathize with that, if it weren't so irritating for the illogicality, darkening the passion that lay in my heart. Consequently, although he considers himself a burden, he makes situations worse, due to his stupidity and lack of basic strategy, in addition to terrible argumentation! If there really wasn't beauty to cover this terror, then maybe it wouldn't be all that good....
Caster here was a more interesting character than I thought... The mystery of "who is your master?" it is, unfortunately, mediocrely managed, after all although there were 3 options, only one was really well written, giving clear preference, only resulting in an obvious resolution, without creating a good mystery behind it. Other surprises related to caster contracts, on the other hand, really work well here.

Her relationship with her master is well made, being caster primarily driven by a kind of revenge without a real burning desire (as if driven by inertia or fate) to follow. However, when love was found as the ideal and starting point, it became useless, when that intended for the ideal itself had no self-love.
As if that weren't enough, we also have the relationship between Berserk (a brute animal with a protective instinct) and Illya (daughter of winter), also very interesting to see... and the obstacles to reaching her path of light and evading evils, with the obstacle being her revenge that obstructed her from looking at things more clearly, thus having her conclusion at the end of heavens fells!
Overall, a good route that was much more rewarding than the "fate" route

Heavens Fells is like a filter that eliminates the impurities that dirty your script. It could be a purifier worn by the heavens, taking out of the way all the abrupt brutality of the Saber and Rin route, in order to manage its script with more subtlety, knowing the weak points where to hit its brutality, without showing fragility, as seen and described previously by the other routes. Thus, there is enough preparation so that the answers do not become obvious and the mystery, irritating, in addition to the script always tending to twist towards philosophy or tension, with no space for useless slice of life and repeated information, because here, they are broken in order for a new stream to come in........
Yes, that's exactly what a route should be, almost everything is different, but the previous similarities remain clues to solve the problem. As previously said, although the route Saber and Rin were different, there was a lot of fragility in their violence, which the shrapnel did not always open to a philosophy, but rather, mostly to reflections already seen before and that do not elaborate in anything, a new angle trimmed. that you see the script, except for a few occasions about Archer and Caster
CHARACTERS: 8 ( link )

ART: 5 (Anti-horny, but handles certain symbolism well, although the epileptic seizures nearly killed me a couple of times.... Please don't do that again!)

FUN: 4 (I haven't played many Virgin Novels, but it was definitely the most boring I've ever played... Fortunately, I don't deduct points for that, but it's an add-on that can sometimes improve my grade)

STORY: 7 (Fate: 5.5, Unlimited Blade Works: 7.5 and Heavens Fells: 9.0 )

FATE: "The same desire to protect something is also the desire for something to be violated"
The Trial of the Scabbard and the Final Slash by the Sword

UBW: "The same desire to protect something is also the desire for something to be violated"
The graveyard of swords, dead ideals that are only useful when evil is ahead, onward, cutting swords of evil! The yin-yang swords that coexist in conflict

HF: "The same desire to protect something, also that there is something to be violated"
The oath of love, because only in the middle of the conflict, the two could understand their unhealthy passions, they were not a reflection of themselves, but the true line of love that removed the suffering and brought peace at the end of everything

Yes, when your ideals diverge from your salvation, you need to break, so that in the end, you reach peace in your heart... No excuses for not moving forward, there were always three options! Stagnating confused about everything, moving forward with your ideals to the end, or going back a few steps until you find yourself.
None of the three are wrong, none of the three are ideal... Are these choices leading to different routes, your destination? Infinite swordwork? Or the touch of your paradise?

EXTRA NOTE: I ended up not touching the worldbuilding point, just because I wasn't very interested (removing some philosophies about it). In short, I say it's decent, not too detailed or a world where every new concept has some meaning, and as stated earlier, the lack of subtlety inhibits the conspiratorial content a little...... FORTUNELY, for some fans from Nasu where I'm clearly not included, the VN of "Witch on the Holy Night", LN of Kara no Kyoukai and the VN of tsukihime, play a better role in explaining some subtleties, mainly about magical organizations in WHN
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