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MinakamiSora on 2023-01-23
ReviewRobotics;Notes is one of the most underrated VNs I have had the pleasure of reading. There's a lot for me to love here, but the crowning achievement of Robotics;Notes is its main cast. Take for instance the main heroine Akiho, who is unlike any other main heroine I have seen. She's boundlessly optimistic, has an incredibly eanest love for robots, and is romantic to the extreme. The twist is though, that she does not at all have the skills to back up her personality. Her optimism is a constant pain to others. It's extremely unique. And all the Robotics;Notes characters are like that. Frau acts in a way that's socially unacceptable to many, like many otaku do, the otaku culture is an outsider culture after all. Subaru feels like he's better than others, which is not strange for a teenager who really is more skilled than his peers. Junna... is admittedly the weak link and the most boring of the bunch. Ironic considering she has low self esteem. And finally, Kaito, an extremely unique protagonist in that he's obsessive without being depressive. There's an interesting duality between him and Akiho; Akiho wants to be the shounen hero, but Kaito is the one who actually has the qualifications to be that hero. Yet he's immoral and uncaring, he's not a hero of justice, he has an antihero's personality. Which might actually be the personality one needs to be persistent and unyielding like a shounen hero, basically Kaito shows how maybe a real shounen hero would be the opposite of righteous. Anyway sidetrack tangent over. Basically, all these characters have flaws that a lot of people will consider infuriating, but guess what? They're teenagers, and they act like actual teenagers do. Robotics;Notes made the risky choice of having these characters act their age, and it's all the better for it, resulting in one of the most memorable casts I have ever seen.

It definitely has its flaws though. Junna and Airi's routes were not interesting to me, and they're pretty long. The story also goes in a pretty shounen-y direction towards the end, contradicting the earlier realistic portrayal of shounen ideals, but I was so into the main cast I didn't care and still loved it. Also the true villain is an underdeveloped 2-Dimensional one but meh whatever he gave the cast an opportunity to be epic.
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