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Review of Monkeys!¡

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xy2 on 2023-01-23
ReviewIll keep it spoiler free. Presentation is some of the best ive seen in a vn, with gorgeous art and a manga mode. It honestly makes reading a lot of fun. At first the story is kept quick-paced and lighthearted which is a lot of fun. However don't go in looking for a strong, or even consistent story unfortunately.

Is the trap mc a problem? Surprisingly, it's handled very well. MC has a very strong personality which makes for a lot of funny situations and the trap aspect never once felt awkward. The themes are good as well without spoiling much.

The common route is very good with and has emotional moments as well. Unfortunately it falls off hard in the heroine routes. This is one of those VN which feels like it would have been off better with integrating everything into one coherent route. At its worst it really feels like a chore to read with nonsensical moments and poor romance.

Give it a try and if you like the common route, stick around until the end! You may enjoy it like I did :)

(Vn read as part of the moe way monthly vn!)
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