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Review of SympathyKiss

SympathyKiss - Special Edition
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sweet-misa on 2023-01-23
ReviewMy review will mainly be comparing to Lover Pretend as its by the same team.

My personal ranking for each LI:

1. Kobase Youji
2. Usui Shuuya
3. Yoshioka Rokurou
4. Secret Character (Tsukihiko)
5. Secret Character (YOFY)
6. Minato Kouhei
7. Saotome Mitsuki
8. Tainaka Nori

I would say Lover Pretend had a more thorough story for each LI whereas Sympathy Kiss its more on the shorter side for each route so things happen at a quicker pace. I think that was good since it made the game not draggy since things happened quickly but I liked the thorough stories for each LI in Lover Pretend a bit more.

The game settings revolves around the work office and its on the more mature side since romance revolves around the MC's work place. I personally enjoyed seeing this since as an adult, I liked seeing situations like this rather than school romance for example. Also this game is much spicier than Lover Pretend for sure, and the voice acting was great in this game and the art was very pleasant overall to see.

A con about this game is that there were some really obnoxious side characters, and then in the end all of it is solved just because the annoying side character had a change of heart so conflict solved, and it was like this for majority of the LI routes. I enjoyed the routes more where there weren't annoying side characters in the LI routes. Comparing to Lover Pretend, I felt all characters in LP were more likeable but Sympathy Kiss there were some annoying side characters, which I suppose makes it more realistic.

An interesting thing about this game is that the MC does not have any dialogue but she does have her own thoughts. She is suppose to be a self-insert MC but it felt like it was 50/50 as I felt like she was quite assertive and bold in many romantic situations. I personally liked the MC and how this was carried out and do not personally have a problem with a faceless and no dialogue MC.

Would I recommend this game to others? I would say yes, if you're looking for something light-hearted and spicy + good amounts of romance. I would not recommend this game for the overall story/writing but I would recommend it for the romance which I enjoyed a lot.
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