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Review of Dual Phase ~ Soukakurou (Anal mo Vagina mo Hirogacchaimashita)

SubjectDual Phase ~ Soukakurou (Anal mo Vagina mo Hirogacchaimashita)
Double Phase - The Asou Twins - Anal and Pussy Enlargement
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grafoman on 2023-01-24
Review"...when one feels good, the other feels good too...?"

I really don't know why this VN is so infamous... I must admit that, looking at the pictures and reading the dumbfounded comments about it, I expected something that would shake me to the core and leave me shriveled on the floor in the puddle of cumpisstear, but what I got was something more mundane, an experience of dull and uneventful everydayness. Maybe I became desensitized by the amount of junk my (conscious and subconscious) mind absorbed over the years... The only redeeming thing about it, except icons of extreme orifice enlargement ofc, is the way the writer chose to relate the already told story across various mediums, about unnatural connection of twin siblings.. It's narrated through two phases, perspectives of our heroines, Asou sisters, Nozomi (cuntslut) and Kanami (butslut)... The third narrative sequence, which should be synthesis of the first two, uniting them in revelatory climax and where you finally make decisions, is not utilized accordingly, as it's the same as the previous one, that of Kanami-chan, and if there are any differences, they are small and unimportant details that I didn't even notice... I will not spoil differing personalities of sisters, as that's the basis of the whole story, but I want you to know that there is more to them then - one likes it in the ass and the other in the pussey... The most striking and disturbing thing in the entire novel, and what will remain etched in my memory is their faces, both of which can only be seen in their respective routes, while being ouroborosly intertwined in exploration and stimulation of their meat satchels of preference. The pose is so emblematic of the desire to become one, to lose themselves in each other (which is the very definition of ecstasy, coming out of oneself and uniting with the other in love, no matter how perverse and sick), violently splitting and tearing their orifices in order to return to the tranquil pre-natal state of fusion. In contrast, the music does not contribute at all to the morbid atmosphere that the game wants to convey. I don't know what else to say, except that I view it as a case of missed opportunity, whereas it could be so much more, degenerated underground gem, hidden from the eyes of common, instead after reading it, Dual Phase ~ Soukakurou left the scent not unlike the one in unventilated colonoscopy room...
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