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Review of I Was a Teenage Exocolonist

SubjectI Was a Teenage Exocolonist
I Was a Teenage Exocolonist
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UTaa on 2023-01-25
ReviewThe possibility of characters growing up with your character and along the way be able to notices changes in their behaviour, becoming more mature and developing feeling and new interests made me very interested in this visual novel. At the same time many events happens in random without you knowing when or how with no indication or pre-requisites making you miss them. Characters remains at a superficial level and because of the duration of the game, which feels shorter than how long it actually takes to finish one playthrough, you only get to know two or three and even then they are still shallow. Most people will play only one playthrough from start to finish as the game demands so much grinding, just like real life i guess.

The end is abrupt. The first scene where you wake up at a residence catching fire is the last showdown with the monsters from this planet which is hilarious how quick and anti-climatic it gets resolved. When i first saw this scene i thought this was a start to middle point in the game to get things starting and not the dessert. While playing i met a bunch of creactures more intimidating than the “Last boss“ that showed to be a dog, a monster dog but with a appareance and size of a normal neighborhood dog and it requires max points in bravery to fend this beast. Wow! Vastly disappointed in this regard as i was expecting a final encounter testing my combat abilities i grinded along 10 years against numerous foes but alas, it was always against that same dog i saw at the beginning.

The Epilogue doesnt make any sense.
I was mostly a soldier oriented characted with maxed perception, combat, animals, toughness, bringing guns left and right as my gears and i even went to be nominated the settlement Chief of Security however at the epilogue it showed my character went to be a “Sportsball Hero“? Who loves his teammates. I am very confused.
I romanced Tangent, so imagine my confusion when in the epilogue she, the 100% racional scientist whose her entire existence is soleny dedicated to scientific researches, steps down from being Chief Enginneer proceeds to be a hikikomori after the disappearance of her brother Dys that she not once showed affection towards him only disgust. Not only that but she proceeds to breaking up with my character and starts to sleep casually around with other people... Because of her brothers death whose she never cared about in my playthrough. Romancing and the grind in giving the same yellow flower as a favorite gift every month to her was one of the best moments with this game for me and it is ruined all together in a single epilogue that cames out of nowhere. Wut.
After going in numerous expeditions outside the settlement, in the last one i could tame a pet, gave it a name and had her follow me around where i went. It was a joy. Only in the epilogue they say my pet got bored in the colony and my character decided to let it return to the swamps. Wut.
What happens to the other characters? I dont know. Looks like the game only gives you the epilogue of the one you romanced because the future of my other friends was not disclosured to me. Only me, Tangent, my pet and my parents whose died because of random occurences.
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