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Review of Project: Eden's Garden

SubjectProject: Eden's Garden
Project: Eden's Garden: Chapter 0 - Vows Woven by Stitches and Needles
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japanication on 2023-01-25
ReviewI'd strongly recommend this if you are a big danganronpa fan.
I'd somewhat recommend it if you're really into death games/detective stories.
I wouldn't really recommend it otherwise. Not because it's bad, but just because it hasn't really impressed me.

This is a review of the prologue.

For my ratings on VNDB, 7/10 seems to be that grey zone of "It's kinda good, not too bad, I could rate it a 7.3 or a 6.5 and there wouldn't really be a big difference in my intention. It's just kinda there."

First of all, the system is really damn cool. Kudos to the devs for implementing all the features of the Danganronpa games. I've never seen anything like this before in a fanganronpa game.

Here's some complaints (-) and compliments (+):


- No offense, but some of the voices are just annoying (bearable though). I won't mention specific names. The acting isn't bad compared to most dubs though.


- A few too many Marvel-esque quips that don't establish the characters well and just eat the reader's time up.

- Maybe this isn't fair because Japanese writing has "MASAKAAA" and "BAKANAAA" etc., but there's too many Western-game-isms like "FUUCK!!!" and "JESSUSS!!!". You'll find better examples than these, I don't care to list them.

- True to the Danganronpa formula, already by the prologue the "correct answers"/"correct logic" is shaky. As in, the answer that the writer expects you to give next, isn't really the answer you would expect that you should give. I think it's a bit shakier than the actual Danganronpa games. But it's nothing you can't brute force your way out of, for now.

- The prologue case is so simple and contrived and random. I had zero interest in it whatsoever. I understand that it's a tutorial level but it feels like the writer went "well, it's the tutorial level so I can just half-ass it".

+ The little surprises and subversions near the end of the prologue were pretty cool.

+ The fact that there's an Ultimate ____Liar gives me some hope.


- The characters' personalities blend together. Some of them have no personality besides their Ultimate status. And some have a personality that has nothing to do with their Ultimate status, and feel random. It's hard to differentiate some of them.

- For a master(de)bater, the main character is really dumb. The things he comes up with are so obvious and the way he proclaims them makes him seem to lack self-awareness. Doesn't matter if it's intentional.


I've marked this as dropped but I might decide to check out future installments.
Overall, it's chalking up to be a very solid fan game, with the potential to become as good as the official games if the characters are better developed in the future and the twists and cases are consistently high-quality.
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