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Review of MUSICUS!

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MinakamiSora on 2023-01-25
ReviewNotable for just how consistently entertaining I found it to read. I could read on and on without getting bored. Add onto that the interesting themes and some decent to good characters and you've got a great vn. I think the reason this didn't meet a lot of people's expectations is because it doesn't work its characters to the bone so to say except for in Sumi's route, which is what a lot of people like to see, they want to see characters discover new, raw sides of themselves by being pushed to the brink of despair, and Musicus doesn't do that outside of the very end of this one route, it's a pretty down to earth vn.

The above part was written earlier than this part, and now that more time has passed, I can say that this VN has only gotten better with time for me. It still has its flaws, and a main one is still that while it's entertaining there weren't any moments that made me feel intense emotion, but the thing with Musicus is that it's a work that is at its best in relation to other works. Musicus is about art, and so for someone as obsessed with media as I am, it simply works. I feel like almost any argument you can make against Musicus is countered by its own themes; Musicus is all about how our experiences with art are messy and conditional, so if you didn't like it, your messy and conditional life simply wasn't compatible with it at the time you read it. But that could change easily with time, or with the fickle nature of memories. My experience with Musicus is not pure; I have all kinds of ulterior motives that made me want to like it, but at some level you have to accept that. When it comes to experiencing art, one must decide which biases they want to actively use their mental energy to push against, and which they want to accept, for there is no way to shave all of them away and have an objective experience.
In the end, one must accept how their biases make them feel. Musicus is a work that could never be made if other art didn't exist, and I'd almost say it exists to make other art better. Essentially, it's a support-class eroge, casting a buff on all other eroge or art in general you experience.
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