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Review of Nightmare x Sisters ~Ingoku no Sacrifice~

SubjectNightmare x Sisters ~Ingoku no Sacrifice~
Nightmare x Sisters - Sacrifice of Lust-Hell
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silvercover on 2023-01-25
ReviewIf you just want to see 2 sister nuns be gangraped several times by "men" with some animation on the H-scenes then this is the VN for you. There are demons here that the girls get raped but only of the possessing humans kind, so if you're expecting monstrous forms you'll be disappointed. At best they have some weird skin complexion, otherwise you're just seeing the girls raped by a bunch of men. Not a whole lot of variety on H-scenes, no bondage, whipping, etc. even though the setting gives them that option. Its mostly just gangrapes you'll see. It also barely delves into them actually getting broken down and turning into sluts from all the rape, somehow despite the girls being pretty meek and barely putting up a resistance. The nature and rules of the setting is also not properly clear.
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