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VwVneer on 2023-01-25
ReviewAmnesia crowd final review 🧐
Mini games festival !! tbh i worked so hard in them in order to collect all CGs my wrists are hurting πŸ˜…
i'll mention game sections in the order i played them in...
first Suspense 😨 the only part in the game with different endings so i had to play it earlier, simply said it's similar to the original game vibe wise , plus some new investigating elements , the enjoyment of it differs between LIs , one out of all five was terrifying 😒
after that was Love this segment has two tabs after story and communication , where the former continues the events that happened in Amnesia later ^all the romance is here^ , and the latter is basically questions and answers one CG is unlocked from it so make sure to play it . personally majority was cute moments with occasional teasing πŸ₯°
Working where the mini games & mini events are , i believe they made a bunch of entertaining short stories they were amusing πŸ˜†
lastly Etc. which contains Orion and trump , one more mini game for those who enjoy it πŸ€— card game
i can't add much regarding my feelings toward this game Amnesia later and Amnesia crowd are alike 🫑
perhaps i enjoyed this one more due to the diverse content πŸ‘ and certain exitanceπŸ˜‰
Toma finally found someone who has overwhelming feelings toward his ^lil sister^ πŸ˜‚
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