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Review of ToHeart2

ToHeart2 Xrated
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marianokun on 2023-01-26
ReviewWhile a few characters can be fun at times, like Maryan-senpai, Ruu, those purple haired twins and the cat-dog siblings Tamanee and Yuuji, To heart 2 suffers from seemingly endless routes.

On top of that, the plot usually gets interspersed by pointless "comedy" and there's bits where you're forced to skip through the same events with your group of friends or with the loli osananajimi - it adds nothing but distraction.

Getting into a girl's route becomes a chore where you have to visit, say, the school library for Manaka, like 15 times and even when you're well into boyfriend territory, you still are given the choice to screw it up and go home in the map section - what's the point of that?

As for the routes themselves, like I previously mentioned, they're long (way too long) and boring, for the most part, so you get to a point where you just "skim" through the text.

Music is nice and art is pretty decent but the pacing is all over the place, a prime example being Sasara's route, the one I'll be focusing on for the rest of my review. So, in her arc alone you get like 5 subplots which I'll try to summarize as follows:

1. Sasara refusing Maryan's graduation.
2. Sasara shunned as a student council president.
3. Sasara unable to eat regular food.
4. Sasara's wishy-washy, indecisive teen love with MC.
5. Sasara's divorced parents' dilemma and possible separation from MC.

All that in one route. Ngl, after going through 1 above which takes place in the 1st in-game month, I was pretty content and more than ready for the love to bloom cuz I actually thought I'd reached the arc climax but boy was I wrong. They seriously couldn't have dragged it out more here. Whenever you think you're getting close to the finale another stupid plot point shows up.

Finally, there's our protagonist who's basically your average spineless loser, always too shy or unworthy to be with a girl even after several dates with such girl. It's simply torture seeing how Takaaki can't grow balls and make a move on a heroine that has already taken him to a fricking hotel and isĀ  undressing, only for him to be like: "No, Sempai, this is wrong" *huge facepalm* Ugh, anyway, so you endure 2 hours or so more of the same BS and finally you get the h, but not before another hour's worth of running away from selfish mom who wants to send her away from MC.

At the end, she confronts parents, makes her decision to stay with Takaaki after which they jump off the school rooftop and land on a conveniently placed net <sigh>... Credits roll and.... bitch goes to America, lol, but they'll be together again once Takaaki gets enough money. What will their future hold...? we'll never know.

All in all, To heart 2 is by no means a great read so if you decide to pick it up, be ready and be patient.
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#1 by Ileca
2023-01-26 at 02:51
< report >You know when a charage is above 40 hours that it's gonna be terrible. I mean... 10 main girls??? Fucking hell!
Always wanted to read it for Sasara as I have a BJD of her and it's an important game but... this looks like torture, plain and simple.
#2 by sobriquet
2023-01-26 at 19:38
< report >I completely agree with your assessment of Sasara's route - it is among the worst written I have ever read. That having been said, I think others can have a much better experience of this VN as first time readers simply by skipping Sasara's and Sango/Ruri's route (also credited to the same writer, though by comparision it is mediocre rather than offensively bad). For what it's worth, I don't think experienced readers would miss much by skipping Manaka and Karin's routes either, which cuts down a bloated VN to a reasonable size, especially when one of the remaining routes is extremely short (Yuuki).

The remaining routes ranged from decent to excellent, and a few offered experiences that remain particularly memorable. I doubt I'll ever again so detest a heroine in the common route only for her to be my favorite by the end of her route proper (Tamaki).

As for the chore of getting into the routes - I'm more than willing to give that a pass when I consider this VN's age, and if you follow a route guide there's no wasted time on bad choices. I also don't like the sense of disconnection it creates, but that's a common hazard of the genre.