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Review of Rei-Jin-G-Lu-P

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nemorir on 2023-01-26
ReviewThe wolf is coming hehehehe.

Raging Loop grips you from the first hours of playing, leading you through a story full of thrilling mystery, and then pushes you down from the cliff that is its ending.

Here we are presented with a strong protagonist who has his ideas about what is what, is shrewd and persuasive. Introduced to a town of unique characters with differing inclinations, and presented with an interesting and immersive mystery. There is a very good ost to go with all this, and a nice, albeit weird, art-style.

How can you go wrong with this? You can never imagine it until the end of the game, where the plot is ridiculed so badly, you might not even play the extra stories you unlock. Even the cg at the end is embarrassingly low effort.

A very good VN, ruined. So sad to see.
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