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Review of Gore Screaming Show

SubjectGore Screaming Show
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Noobao on 2023-02-03 last updated on 2023-02-07
ReviewVery, Very weak, the main routes in general are weak, I recognize that considering the time of the review, even these troupes are not fresh anymore, but still, weak.

The main character is extremely annoying, he's impulsive, brash and is lacking in thoughts of the consequences of his actions, he's stupider than most irl teenagers, and is stereotypical in the way that he's a hot blooded teenager down to a T, other than that he has no depth whatsoever aside from some hobbies that he likes, ah I also have to mention that he's sometimes inconsistent.

Example: He really dislikes a guy for some reason, those being "he looks shady," guy saves him, he still hates the guy, guy shows his guitar skills, and his behavior does a complete 180 and he starts to show extreme concern/respect over his well being, pretty realistic.

As said in other reviews, the title is misleading, instead of gore screaming show, it should be called gore ecchi show, gore is only the name of that huge figure with the horse face after all, the gore in this is weak, yet the ecchi scenes occupied a huge part of the series.

The main routes are mediocre in content, it didn't really have something to pull you over, at least in my case. The girls are forgettable, the troupes are weak and thus didn't age well, the protagonist is a stupid brat, and I overall just hate the monotonous slice-of-life scenes and the braindead characters.

What I refer as braindead are actions like going to Yuka place, all the signs that this is not a good place to be are there, a woman who doesn't look like her mother, who is show to be extremely terrified of her "daughter," and tried to persistently invite them, a yuka, who shows to be extremely meek and cordial and yet is show to be in a relationship of power over her "mother" and she admits to following him.

"You hate me because I kept following you around, don't you?," contradicting what she did before to kyo and akane, looks like she has the power to disturb someone thoughts in a way, but still, Kyoji isn't fooled, but yet he doesn't insist on asking why she's following him around, why she acts the way she is, even with his conscience warning him that this is odd, and he accepts her explanation of "uwu I just wanted friends."

Or what about when they noticed Yuka going down the well, instead of, you know, going the initial tactic of someone going down and the other calling down from help from above, these 2 decided to instead argue about who is going to the well, because you know, they are such good people, and instead settled on Kyoji going down first and after that Akane?

What's the use? There were no apparent benefits for those two to go down there, only one was needed, yet they did anyway, the ladder is very fragile too, what if broke in a moment where some of them decided to go up and call for help, what would they do? doesn't matter, they didn't thought that ahead at all, they didn't even think that obviously going down a old ass well has very poor illumination, Kyoji had to depend on a keychain that a friend of his so conveniently gave to him beforehand on the spot, he only noticed it after he's gone down the well.

These characters don't think things through at all.

Keep in mind that Kyoji also thought the ladder was very insecure, and warned her about it but she still has gone down, because you know, she's such a good person and can't leave Kyoji and Yuka alone down there, it would be very funny if the ladder just broke in a step and she fell down.

Anyway old troupes that aged like cheese, weak characters and a generic cast that do not show much intelligence, and a abundance of ecchi scenes that are useless to the main plot, the only reason this isn't given a 1 is that there was an effort and the vas are good at voice acting.

Some people said "It get's better later." But I still don't really have the will to continuing playing till I find out, there's better stuff to play.
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#1 by Draconyan
2023-02-04 at 09:18
< report >To anyone who doesn't want to click on the spoilers: the reviewer admits at the end he didn't finish the game.
#2 by Ninius
2023-02-04 at 14:31
< report >Well in the "better" routes there's only more boring troupes, no mindblowing amazing story or anything like that, so if OP was bothered by the troupes etc. by this point, I doubt the rest of the vn would've been any more enjoyable.
#3 by Noobao
2023-02-07 at 17:53
< report >Yes, I didn't do all the routes and dropped the game, why would I continue? It was already stated in other comments the game doesn't get better anyway.Last modified on 2023-02-07 at 17:54