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Review of Sharing My Fiancée

SubjectSharing My Fiancée
Sharing My Fiancée
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rastafoo on 2023-02-06
ReviewIts basically a kinetic novel following the formula laid out by other patreon hotwife titles, so it can feel a bit derivative. For example, dropping your wife off to have extra-marital sex for the first time occurs offscreen so that the focus can be the on the dramatic interracial sex scene later in the game. And to be blunt, that is the climax of the game. The only choice of any consequence is at the end of the game. If you let her fuck the black guy, she stays with you happily. If you do not let her fuck the black guy, she will cheat on you and run away with him. Its all very standard and predictable. She is very hot and the lack of a condom is hot as well if not for the pull-out sex.

The main reason I rate the game so highly is because I very much like this fetish. I like the sexy loyal wife having sex with a black stranger after being easily charmed by his manliness. Its a classic trope! However, objectively speaking, the game does nothing new with the genre, the characters are forgettable, and the game has nothing to offer outside of porn.
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