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Review of Doki Doki Literature Club!

SubjectDoki Doki Literature Club!
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Lambdadeltum on 2023-02-06
ReviewDoki Doki Literature Club would've been better as an actual dating simulator. I actually like the girls in this game, and it is such a waste that it is wasted on psychological and relies on shock value for the game to truly begin. I had to even install a mod to get that dating simulator jazz.

Moving that aside, when I first played this game (being my first visual novel experience) I was shocked by the ending of act 1 so much that I had to jam to that Sayonara song all day long.

The second act never fails to make me creeped out by all the Yuri eyes and the Natsuki snapping. Not even Monika staring at you could compare to the famous Natsuki neck snap.

Overall, the game is pretty solid.

Natsuki is the only best girl here. This is something the mods will never capture ever.
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