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Review of Campus Notes - forget me not.

SubjectCampus Notes - forget me not.
Campus Notes - forget me not.
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MrSnow32 on 2023-02-06
ReviewOverall: 6/10 (mediocre)
Recommended: no (sparse story, mediocre philosophical discussions, fairly boring writing)
Time to complete story: 5.5 hrs
(First run, Kaen route, 26/54 achievements)
Time to 100%: 13.5 hrs
(Five runs, 54/54 achievements, took a lot of screenshots of useless info)
Controller compatible: I don't believe so
(I set up a KBM to gamepad configuration in Steam)

Characters: 6/10 (mediocre) (main focus)
~ a bit of a wacky, juvenile cast
- all the characters act the same throughout the "common" route regardless of choices made
- boring "common" route

Writing: 5/10 (weak)
~ grammar/translation is a bit rough
~ the events/activities focus on the characters traveling and describing the campus
~ lots of vague philosophical stories that were weakly tied to the characters or story

Story: 6/10
~ interesting concept, but progress is sparse and sometimes comes in info-dumps
~ heroine routes are mediocre or weak, but True Ending was emotional and great (after playing for a significant time)

Graphics: 7.5/10 (very good)
+ art is bright and the sprites/CG's are high quality
~ background is blurrier than I'd like, especially since the dev's wanted to show the real-life campus

Audio: 7.3/10 (good)
~ very good tracks, but often don't match the setting or topic well

Settings/UI: 7.3/10
+ 100 save slots
+ instant text, text skipping, and various standard settings are available
~ settings under Load menu instead of title screen
- mouse snaps to certain spots when navigating menus
~ no scroll back option, but has a text log

Kaen route: 6/10
Shion route: 6/10
Togi route: 6.5/10
True ending: 7.5/10

Score comparison:
VNDB: 6.5/10 (50 votes)
Steam: 90% positive (62)
0 points