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Review of Ren'ai x Royale

SubjectRen'ai x Royale
Renai X Royale - Love's a Battle - 18+ Edition
ByHelpfulness: 2
Vote: 9
silvercover on 2023-02-07
ReviewThis VN is really fucking hilarious and its best parts comes from when the characters are making snide remarks to each other and competing for the MC. If you come into the VN with that in mind its really enjoyable. There are some issues with regards imbalances on the routes. Some routes are really hilarious including the H-scenes but lacking a bit in emotional/drama, some routes have some more emotional/drama events but at the cost of losing some comedy. While I did lament early on about the routes lacking some emotional depth, the comedy is the strength of this VN and id prefer they have just light emotional stuff if it means more comedy. Got say that the main heroine got the short end of the stick here and takes too much blame when MC also has responsibility for his choices/feelings.
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