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Review of Maitetsu

Maitetsu - 18+ Demosaic STEAM-FAKKU Patch
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genuineparts on 2023-02-07
ReviewI mean... I have to give it a somewhat high review. It's a bit paradoxical to me how the story art and music can be that good, while... well dealing with the main issue here. And I kinda understand that is just how Lose did things? It's weird, it's a bit like the Anime "How to NOT summon a Demon Lord" The Story is entirely great but due to the content you kinda feel conflicted. And the really weird thing is that the Characters have no single reason to be that way. Like if you age everyone up 10 years, at least visually this one could content with the "Big VN's" in ratings.

It's good, actually really good. There is a nice balance between the bitter, bitter Drama and the really soft romances that develop. But it'll still make you skin crawl with the implications even if you play a censored versions... cause you're not an Idiot and you actually can just surmise what the fade to white means... Which you also get with the decensored versions cause that is how they do things.

I definitely see it as a great story... somewhat wasted cause it decided that the characters almost wholesale needed to be underage. So I'll give it a 9/10, a great Story to experience, with stunningly beautiful art and an obvious focus on making this a really good VN... when you can stomache the content.
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#1 by dostedt
2023-02-18 at 22:01
< report >Even if you're a lolicon like myself and would never get offended by the content, there is the issue of the sexual content being completely detached from the VN. I remember the hype of this one getting translated and it does indeed have great h-scenes and animations, but they are completely separated from the story. To me, it would make slogging through the train autism a chore. Would have read it if it wasn't for that bizarre choice. A shame.
#2 by genuineparts
2023-02-19 at 21:10
< report >Yeah... but that is how good the story is. Well at least for me. I don't have autism and actually 0 Interest in Trains. I think this VN made the mistake for not actually commiting either way. If it was just straight Lolicon without a story to back it up, even If I was not interested in the topic. It'd be at least interesting to an audience. If it fully comitted to being Train Autism it'd would have found an audience. I totally understand where you come from. It's just so weird between all seats. But the seats it takes are weirdly good, but I totally understand either of the topics turning someone off. It feels like they put a ton of work into the Romance and in the Story... but they are entirely detached from each other. And again, it seems that's how Lose did things... sadly. I think they would have gone further if they decided to choose one side and for that matter both sides would have been A-OK. They would have gained a good audience for any coming up VN. But they wanted to do Lolicon and really weirdly obsessive stories at the same time, either making it a slog for the fans of Loli and on the same hand turning off the people coming for the story.Last modified on 2023-02-19 at 21:18