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CHAOS;HEAD NOAH Overhaul Patch (Steam, Steam Deck, and GOG)
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SkankinGarbage on 2023-03-14
ReviewHey, Chaos;Head Noah:

Pick a genre. Be a thriller, or be action. Or, if you're gonna switch, don't wait until the climax.

Pick a subgenre; please don't try to be horror AND comedy on top of the main genre.

If three of your characters do nothing but infodump, consolidate them into one character.

Don't ruin dramatic story beats by making your delusional main character, talking to himself via the guise of his favorite anime waifu, urge him to come home and "fap" to her instead, taking said story beats from gut-wrenching to absurd.

If you have choices, make the consequences clear, so we're not hunting for endings.

Fans of this game talk up its atmosphere, but the game itself can't even figure out what the atmosphere should be. Massively overrated. Skip to Steins;Gate and don't look back.
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#1 by nano201102
2023-03-15 at 12:06
< report >Steins;Gate is mid af compared to Noah.
#2 by TeslaX
2023-03-15 at 15:51
< report >You are talking about the tone but you gave AI: The Somnium Files an 8 while bashing C;H, yikes.
#3 by noelle1832
2023-03-15 at 16:30
< report >I completely can’t understand what’s your voting standard and even you give Robotics;Notes a 3
while Robotics;Notes DaSH a 6 score and the DaSH is insanely bad, are you just getting something wrong in your mind?
#4 by noelle1832
2023-03-15 at 16:33
< report >And,if you think the Noah is rubbish,then S;G is just nothing at all.
#5 by SkankinGarbage
2023-03-18 at 22:35
< report >Whoa, I've got people so upset that they're looking through my review history to judge me! That's interesting.

But, seriously. If a game that's supposed to be a thriller has me laughing out loud at what are supposed to be the most serious parts, that absolutely does not bode well for the game. If the parts I laughed at were intended to be funny - as with the funny parts in Somnium Files - that would be one thing. But, these are the emotional high points of the game - not the silly positive delusions, but the O-Front scene in Chapter 6, and Kozue's ending - and I'm cracking up. That shouldn't be happening.

Now, I don't know if that's because the game failed to draw me in from the beginning (it's hard to wonder along with the MC if someone's out to get him when the things he worries about are obviously fabrications), or if it's the actual writing in the translation (and yes, I did use the Commitee of Zero patch)...but, the feeling I'm supposed to be getting is definitely not coming across. So, if that's the case, is it all that surprising that I didn't enjoy it?
#6 by solonggaybowsah
2023-03-19 at 23:14
< report >It’s funny that of all things your post drew the Steins;Gate haters, which is far better than this mess of a game.
#7 by carito728
2023-03-21 at 16:49
< report >Very well written. I'm still trying to finish the game myself but I'm having trouble tolerating the incel MC tbh because just like how you worded it he's so pathetic. I think the key is gonna be taking it one step at a time and progressing really slowly rather than binging it... I still definitely wanna finish it sometime to reflect on whether it was all worth it

I find it amusing when people comment judging your opinion and stalking your past scores because you can tell they care so much about the opinions of others that they felt the need to do all that just because of a negative score from a complete stranger on their beloved game...Last modified on 2023-03-21 at 16:55
#8 by orius
2023-03-21 at 16:56
< report >Your opinion is mid af.

Voted "not helpful."

At least if you bothered to write a full review, I might have taken your joke of a review seriously. But alas.Last modified on 2023-03-21 at 17:05