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Review of Maggot baits

SubjectMaggot baits
Maggot baits - Download Edition
ByHelpfulness: 2
Vote: 4
GoodMorningSirJ on 2023-03-18
Great art, music, action, voice-acting, and storytelling. It has a satisfying true ending. Got a bit of philosophy.

Barely much story-telling first half of game.
Only a small few H-scenes had creativity and actually adds to the story; H-scenes involving MC were most important. Big majority were scenes that plays out the same: rape, nonono, aphrodisiac, noYESno, tentacles, blood, yesyesyes, end scene.

Every H-scene does seem necessary to progress the story, but felt unnecessarily long and repetitively written that I just skip them to get back to the storytelling. It wasn't worth 15 hours to finish game. That's 4 seasons of anime that I could've had.

This genre of VN was not for me. This is more for ppl into the "woah", gross H-scenes. Story was only the sweet cherry on top.
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