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Review of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai

SubjectHigurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai
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Sclane321 on 2023-03-18
ReviewI've already wrote a short review(link) for question arcs and almost all of my previous praise of the series applies here as well so I won't repeat myself, thematically I think it's great, character writing wise it's great, the story is also great, the social commentary and Ryukishi07's rant mood again is great, so let's just address the elephant in the room and go on with our lives so that I'd be able to see whether or not Kanou Kiichi really did improve things in Miotsokushi or not

Higurashi is a mystery psychological horror at first, but when the answers are finally given to the reader the story would inevitably feel different, for me personally The execution of Higurashi's story and plot up to Matsuribayashi's (8th and the last episode) chapter 9 is near perfect, but after that the story can be really rough around the edges, for whatever reason when almost all the character arcs and mysteries have been finished and revealed and everything is ready, Ryukishi07 rather than going for the right way to reach the story's conclusion, goes for off-roading, the road is rough and full of ups and downs, even bumpy might be an understatement, for reaching the story's conclusion you need to endure that weird bumpy road that is Higurashi's Last stages of Matsuribayashi, fortunately the confrontation with the villain at the end of the arc, where the rough bumpy road ends is again fantastic in my opinion, both thematically and writing wise.
and at the end of the day I really don't think a short stupid bumpy road, that didn't even ruin previously completed character arcs and story threads could really harm 7 episode and 75 percent of the last episode that I enjoyed just because 25 percent of one episode was a weird bundle of mind numbing action that was atmospherically inconsistent with the previous episodes, regardless of whether or not it made sense or not (can i accept an ex-yakuza who took sniping lessons in texas being able to snipe JSDF units from a few hundred meters away? Yeah I can see that. Can I accept a middle school girl being able to defeat a freaking JSDF combat specialist? Not even in one hundred years)

I mean what the hell was up with Irie's maid in heaven scene, rather than Irie going into pervert mood after not going in it for 4 freaking episodes either just fully delete that scene Ryukishi or make Irie really have a Paralysing weapon that looks like a pencil rather than just some random pencil he bluffs about it being a weapon (and one which injects you with that HS trigger drug that Takano made? Who in their right mind would believe Irie might even think about having such a deadly weapon in his pocket all the time and inject someone with it? Why not real paralysis drug rather than Takano's drug?), i challenge you to come up with a more stupid scene than the already existing maid in heaven, that scene made me find a positive point in Higurashi's anime (because it's doesn't happen in the anime), now I'm going to forget that this scene ever existed because in my book it didn't happen
And could Ryukishi07 stop making Shion the damsel in distress in Matsuribayashi please? The first one in the cave at least made a little sense but her being taken hostage only for Irie to do maid in heaven is just off limits
Now I'm really gonna forget that scene ever existed

Surprisingly enough i like Matsuribayashi, I just don't like the portion between the 48 hour plan and the bloodhounds' arrival, which is at most a few hours so I can get along with all the jungle, trap, okonogi, sniping, car chasing stuff, it was just 5 hours at least so it ended sooner than I expected
Maid in heaven is still shit though, this time I'm really gonna forget it and move on
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