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Review of TRUE BLUE

TRUE BLUE - Package Edition
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Imku on 2023-03-18
ReviewSorry for my bad English, I am a Spanish speaker.
The game is very good and funny dialogues that have Akito (Protagonist and hero) with his childhood friend Aoi. I would never have been able to play this game, because more than 5 times I tried to run it on my Windows 10 but as soon as I started the game, it would start and stop by itself, it was so frustrating until a "User" came and gave me remote access on his computer, there I played and had fun with the interactions between both friends, too bad that because of the 10 hours difference between me and the "User", he gave me SPOILER of the ending and the truth I feel it's a happy and satisfying ending for a 2002 eroge, maybe if you play it nowadays, the first thing you will say will be: "I'm not going to play this game, I'm going to play it again": It has generic characters, clich├ęs or that Akito's childhood friend is very unbearable and doesn't deserve Akito's appreciation.
I know, I recognize it, that's why even though I couldn't finish the game, I saw a review of a user where he mentions that he can have a harem although he then emphasizes that you can only save one of the 3 girls of the game: Aoi, Saria or Midori...
I hope that someday, someone will dare to play it complete and upload it to some platform so that fans who want to know the complete endings, can die in peace once and for all.
Recommended if you are a fan of eroge!

NOTE: In the "Discussions" entry I will explain how the real ending ends and the differences between the bad anime adaptation and the original material (Eroge).

Thanks for reading my review :)
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