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Review of sisters ~Natsu no Saigo no Hi~

Subjectsisters ~Natsu no Saigo no Hi~
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haullast on 2023-03-18
ReviewThis vn starts with the MC getting hit by a car and then waking up in a house, where he meets a woman and her two daughters.

The quality, graphics and animation were amazing, it was the sole reason I decided to try this vn, and I wasn't disappointed. The voice acting was on point, it felt like I was watching an anime, just with some choices now and then. Also, the atmosphere was warm and nostalgic and it made long for summer. The h-scenes were amazing, even though I'd prefer them shorter, since the game is very short. And it would be better if it had routes instead of a linear plot.

It gets a solid 7 for some (+1 for Miku's song lol)

Spoilers below

First off, we start with the MC(it's revealed his name is Keisuke) waking up in some random house, only to get forced by some woman to do his chores, even though he doesn't know her name and where he is, because why not? Chores are chores, and when a beautiful woman without a bra tells you to do so, you do it, because who you are to complain? Anyway, he did what he had to do and when the night comes, the two get intimate, post cum realization hits her and she left for good, only for her two daughters to come instead of her. For the first half, it was like a slice of life with some flashbacks in between which revealed that:
1. Keisuke was Haruka's boyfriend before the accident and Chika had feelings for him.
2. Because of the accident, Keisuke lost his long term memory and now he has a memory span of 2 weeks, which means he will forget everything he did if it was more than 2 weeks ago.
Now to the story, Chika finally snaps and confesses to him, the next day he confesses back and they had sex. From there, there is sex after sex, sex after sex without a a proper conclusion whatsoever. The final day gets closer, Chika blames herself for his accident and cries and tells everything to Haruka, so what's left to do? Let's fuck! And they had a threesome. Because what's the point of holding it in if he is going to forget about it in 14 days? Day 16, he wakes up, not remembering the recipe they did in day 2 (which means he forgot about the mom too), they go to the lake they went before and the three of them continue with their lives, like they are stuck in a loop, which lefts the ending open, kind of unsettling, but mostly disappointing.

The plot had a build up for a concrete conclusion, but the payoff wasn't satisfying at all. (Also who is that guy which appears two times). And Haruka should've got more focus.
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