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Review of Umineko no Naku Koro ni

SubjectUmineko no Naku Koro ni
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animenotreal on 2023-03-22
ReviewThe whole premise of the novel is retarded. He is supposed to prove witches don't exist while they are right in front of him??? Ok, setting that shit aside, I continue on with the series. I thought that at least there would be interesting logical arguments to be had about how Battler can explain the various crimes committed. But no, more retarded and useless characters are added to make the story more convoluted. The only reason I give this a 5/10 is because the first episode was actually a good murder mystery. If I just rate episode 2-3, then I would give the series a 2/10.
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#1Post deleted: Assuming bad faith
#2 by anonymous
2023-03-23 at 09:52
< report >Your base argument is not wrong, but maybe you could explain things, in a bit more detail, to people who are unfamiliar with Umineko.

I don't agree with the score, but if you were to elaborate on your first idea, that could help some people.

Different points of view and all that.Last modified on 2023-03-23 at 09:53
#3 by animenotreal
2023-03-23 at 13:41
< report >@Soladir
I see what you mean, but that is why I wrote a mini review not a full one. The basic premise of proving that crimes were committed by humans rather that by some supernatural force is an interesting idea. However, if the reader already knows that the supernatural exists and has been shown committing these crimes, then the whole mystery is pointless. It is like proving that God doesn't exist while you are sitting next to him in heaven.

Thus, as more supernatural elements are added to the story over the course of the game, the main premise seems more and more ridiculous. The whole scene with with Ange in chapter 4 when she finally accepts that magic is just a subjective belief in the supernatural is just so over the top retarded that I couldn't believe that adults can actually take this seriously. This game is written with an adolescent mentality and I am ashamed that I read past the second chapter.
#4 by anonymous
2023-03-24 at 12:23
< report >I see. You know what, I will write a review on Umineko and address that problem on the criticism parameter.

Explaining things through these comments is difficult, when it comes to titles like Umineko.

Again, I will agree with your premise and some of your "indignation", but I think I can prove (sustain through a well founded opinion) the quality of Umineko. At least a 9 out of 10. I will do so very soon.
#5 by dastruller
2023-07-22 at 20:17
< report >Let me start with stating that like you, I did not enjoy this novel. I did read it through the end only to be massively disappointed of the ending and the time spent on chapters 3+

I see your suspension of disbelief was in jeopardy from the very start. This is how I viewed the premise: the supernatural elements being displayed, and the which, are a psychotic manifestation of the main character's mind trying to make sense of what happened. The actions are viewed in retrospect, and he (the rational mind) tries desperately to convince himself the which and the supernatural stuff is not real, while he (the emotional side) sabotages the former because he does not want to admit that he or someone he loves might be the killer. I found it rather brilliant, and I was constantly shifting my resolution on the existence of the which during the first 2 chapters. After that my excitement turned to confusion, then anger.

Your comment on "adolescent mentality" struck a chord with me. I despised the scenes with Sakutarou, the sisters, the higher level witches, and Maria, but I still tried reading through them as I saw them as an ingenious depiction of.... a coping response to pain and struggles?. I read through the lines to uncover the psyche of the character, but by the end I sourly realized that it was more of an aesthetic choice rather than a 4d method of storytelling.

I was about to say that it's a pity you didn't get to see these aspects the way I did, but thinking about it a second time, I think you're better off this way. I'm still sour over a year later about reading this novel till the end.