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Review of AI: Somnium Files - nirvanA Initiative

SubjectAI: Somnium Files - nirvanA Initiative
AI: The Somnium Files - nirvanA Initiative
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xellyeax on 2023-03-23
ReviewAn upgrade on all fronts in comparison with the first AI game.

The gameplay isn't changed much. But the pacing has been improved by far, and that helped fix the main issue of the prequel: a feeling of disproportion. Now Somniums (they are still the best part of the game) are evenly located throughout the plot, and you don't get tired of point-and-click/investigation parts. An invention – quick VR parts – also bring some new activities and look suitable. Another good thing is the Unlimited Psync option where you can inspect locations with no rush after completing them for the first time. This is, on a whole, a massive improvement.

I like that Chunsoft did not try to squeeze as much as possible from the main characters of the first game here. They just placed them in the background where they should be after finishing their stories. The new characters are vivid and fun to watch. Kizzy/Lien and Mame/Gen pairs fit into the story well. Not sure how I feel about Iris becoming a bimbo in a tracksuit though. The new protagonist is okay, and the new AI is a sexy rabbit. Aiba has grown up, and Mizuki did too. They look alright as a second protagonists duo ready to take action, then their evolution is nicely progressing as the story unfolds.

The graphics and voice acting are the same (good), music too (mediocre) – but the grand finale dance here rocks! I like the AI skins too, now the player has more purpose to obtain scattered collectibles.


All the issues I have are related to the story. And that be: Why did they leave the second psync machine in the abandoned factory lol? Why Ryuki had Tama for 6 years he spent drinking his ass off? Why the "warp and weft" philosophy is so farfetched and lame? Why was the final battle no-effortless (again) but now EVEN the bad guy is already dead and left us to fight a bunch of dudes in latex costumes? It's not like I expect answers, huh
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#1 by iitora
2023-03-24 at 08:06
< report >To answer some of your questions: Saito rigged it to explode, or something...? It's not explained very well. The chemical plant was still off-limits, so I guess it was just easier to leave it there. Pewter did modify it so it works like the one back home, though. Kind of silly, but that's that.
Not certain if the Tama & Ryuki thing was ever elaborated on, but her description in the present says that she assists Ryuki with his mental health. God knows she was doing a shitty job at it.