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Review of Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm

SubjectAo no Kanata no Four Rhythm
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EnderLillies on 2023-03-23
ReviewMostly spoiler-free review intended. Read at your own risk.

TLDR: If you are looking for the truest definition of visual novel, please give Aokana a try.

After a period of thinking, I decided to give this visual novel a solid 10 out 10 experiences.

Graphics: never in my life have I known the art of 1440 pixel in a visual novel. The art feels fresh. Every game's CGs are polished and lively. Also did I mention how good the game demonstrates the game's main sport visually despite being a visual novel meaning the most you can do is too move CGs around?. Cause in my opinion, they nailed it perfectly, make the experience phenomenal

Background music: I always highly rated the visual novel's BGM, as this one is no different. Every piece of music is composed perfectly fits for its specific scenario. Using sport as the main theme of the visual novel, the music feels inspired and super motivated every time it was played. Emotional parts are also handled with care, as when the piano starts to sink in. But again it could happens with every visual novels, due to me having this passionate love to BGM, so take this part of mine with a grain of salt.

Characters and writing: This is probably the part where Aokana truly stands out as it own. Characters are very well written, as the story continues. Both the main and side casts feels they got their own displays of characteristics and personalities, making the experience of interacting with side characters never feels bored. I may not do a good job of fully convey how good Aokana's writing did compared to the other visual novels, but I do wholeheartedly recommend it.

Overall, I love Aokana at every aspects of it. Whether or not you haven't tried it, I hope you also feels the joy of the game after you played, just as how much I did. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!
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#1 by anonymous
2023-03-24 at 11:57
< report >Your TLDR is perfection. Strongly agree.