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Review of Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu.

SubjectDekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu.
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EnderLillies on 2023-03-23 last updated on 2023-05-19
ReviewTLDR: the main routes litterally carry the whole game. Personally recommend skipping all the side routes or play them after finish the main route

The Good:
- Amazing soundtrack. It always reminds me the feeling of nostalgia.

- CGs are rated from average to very nice, except the ecchi CGs, some of them are quite decent but most of the time does question my knowledge about human body building structure .

- Average to emotional writings in main route and true route . Very easily got emotionally attached once you get into the main route.

The Bad:

- Terrible writings for side route characters. The character's characteristics were a bit cliche yet enjoyable to a certain degree, nevertheless, the bad writings makes their character developments's unreadable.

- The main character - Riku - totally based on personal experiences - have to be one of the worst's protagonist I have ever played as. Most of his voicelines in the common routes and side character's route were very bland and uniteresting. It pretty much sums up the idea of 'protagonist passive', where girls automatically sticks to him regardless of what he did and who he is. This may sounds a bit exaggerated, but in my experiences, it feels like he really does not romantically attracted to any girls's, or at least, act as a normal boyfriend should to any of the cast, besides the main girl, which partly comes up in main route and finishes off in true route, thought it requires such huge character developments . Basically he does not give a damn and make unrelatable to unacceptable behaviours during my gameplay.

- Time travel: despite how the game's opening and how the poster goes, the game truly does not fully adapt the theory appropriately as a matter of fact, the times that MC actually used the damn clock for something meaningful is probably less than 10. .

Generally speaking, Dekinai does deliver me such powerful emotion, with an inspiring story and proper delivered messages. Regardless, badly execution along with terrible side character routes makes the experiences a bit sour.
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