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Review of Panzer Hearts

SubjectPanzer Hearts
Panzer Hearts
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LiljaTheRobin on 2023-03-24
Review✔️ Tested on Steam Deck, it works fine (24/03/2023). You willl need to use the touchscreen for the tank building minigame and A button for advancing text.

Although this VN wasn't really an unpleasant experience, I can't bring myself to recommend it. The worldbuilding and the story have some decent base ideas, but the execution is not that good. The story is full of movie cliches and it's too predictable for my taste, you can see where everything is going waaay to early and some scenes feel kinda forced. The art is nothing to write home about but decent enough for a free indie VN I'd say.

A small detail I want to point out: not sure if I missed it at some point in the credits or starting screen, but there should be some trigger warning for disturbing images in my opinion.
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