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Review of euphoria

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aloehands on 2023-03-26
ReviewOverly glorified scat hentai with goofy ahh plot. Seriously, the concept sounded really fun but falls off so hard at the end it's incredible. The cast doesn't help either. We've got: ugly ass dude capable of producing dick cheese at inhumane speed despite constantly drenching his pp in v juice and saliva, a whiny chick with an IQ lower than a dandelion (though, she had the most amount of fap-able scenes I'll give her that), your classic childhood sweetheart with nothing else going on in her life besides being in love with mc, stoic kuudere who obviously falls for MC too (as well as being a cult leader whoops!, and has the lamest good ending out of all the route choices btw), MILF bait that acts like a high school virgin every time things get spicy and Nemu. A girl that exists purely to piss you off and has too many poopoo scenes in her route.
I have a lot of complaints about the plot and such but I'll just leave it at this: save your time, this shit is mid. Unless you're into faeces, of course.
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#1 by anonymous
2023-03-26 at 22:59
< report >So:

Scat is bad. The concept fails. You don't like the cast. They fail at their archetypes. There are some ok H-scenes. You have complaints about the plot. Not recommended at all.

Well, you are not wrong on the scat remark.