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Review of Himukai Chihiro wa Shigoto ga Tsuzukanai

SubjectHimukai Chihiro wa Shigoto ga Tsuzukanai
Chihiro Himukai Always Walks Away - 18+ DLC
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SkankinGarbage on 2023-03-28 last updated on 2023-03-30
ReviewWhat struck me about this story was how similar it was to my own FWB-turned-relationship experience, other than the absurd way it started, and the "repeat performances" in the same night. It felt strangely autobiographical, like this is just how it goes for insecure, young 20-something, introspective guys.

Workplace conditions are used in this game to give insight into our main characters' proclivity to overwork themselves. But unfortunately, there's no major personal conflict between our MCs; everything is resolved immediately by just talking. The story suffers for it - the ending is very abrupt.

The H-Scenes have a dash of important, and even funny, conversation; but besides being too long, there's a damn lot of "put a baby in me" dialogue. No judgment, but I just can't with that shit.
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