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Review of Ren'ai, Karichaimashita

SubjectRen'ai, Karichaimashita
ByVote: 8larxe on 2020-09-30
ReviewAsagames usually make eroges that put too much emphasis in humor, with romance being secondary. My experience playing their games is is usually not that good but this eroge was really written better.

They make a good comeback with this eroge with putting more effort into the romance and the characters. The characters aren't just made with jokes in mind. They actually were fleshed out and all of them are interesting. Sadly one of the side characters, Momoko, was more interesting than the rest of the cast for me but her route is a bad end, which is disappointing since the start of the route was unique.

Expect to laugh in this game as everyone is funny with the boke and tsukkomi kept being switched around and everyone heroine being good, especially for me, Emi and Sensei.


#1 by SkiesMostWanted
2021-10-23 at 13:36
< report >Curious about the love triangle tag, do girls fight over MC or is it tame?Last modified on 2021-10-23 at 13:37
#2 by lolfoollor
2021-10-25 at 12:37
< report >fight yes tame yes
#3 by larxe
2021-10-26 at 23:43
< report >yeah they fight but it is short as hell, its mostly comedy
#4 by SkiesMostWanted
2021-10-27 at 01:57
< report >kinda disappointing, was hoping for something more spicy