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Review of Baldr Sky Dive2 “Recordare”

SubjectBaldr Sky Dive2 “Recordare”
ByVote: 5ganesh-swami on 2020-09-03 last updated on 2020-09-17
ReviewLet me get my thoughts on gameplay out of the way first. At start your options are limited for combos but after first route you can get equipment to make air combos which are the main highlight of the game. The enemy placements and fights are decently distributed except the last route where it feels like you're just crushing trash lvl mobs after mobs.

The story is honestly one of the worst I've read. While the world building is really interesting in the first route it shits the bed in terms of good characters. Rain, chinatsu and aki are the only ones beside kou who feel like they have a decent character. Even then Rain is underdeveloped due to her route sidelining her in favor of sora and chinatsu's development arc is fine until it's ruined at the end. Villains are cringy and feel hard to take seriously when most of the time they're just hurling insults and curses. There's quite a few 'rape' scenes which are not even used properly and just feel like fap material for some specific fetishes.

The story also gets quite repetitive after first route because the common routes for each heroine share quite a few facts and really felt it could've been cut down. 1 route into dive 2 you're required to watch a large amount of previously seen scenes with new scenes added in chronological order. Of course you can enable text skip and speed through it but it's still annoying.

As for the conclusion, it was really unsatisfying. The focus is mainly on the romance and the villain but the main romance is hilariously bad while the villain is seriously underutilized and underdeveloped. In the end I can't recommend this game for story to anyone, it was a chore to go through and torture to read.


#1 by funnerific
2020-09-04 at 01:31
< report >I agree. The gameplay was kinda fun until the 4th route, though I didn't like spamming the same moves I didn't even like over and over in order to unlock new ones. Then I just got tired of doing that and stuck with the same combo, and the game became truly stale.

It was never fun even for a moment anymore. Everyone praises Sora route, but it did nothing for me. I was just tired, and the plot never had me invested much, because the game is repetitive and the setting is shallow. Also, none of the heroines are likeable as heroines, except for Rain - who just barely has any charm at all.Last modified on 2020-09-04 at 01:32
#2 by behappyeveryday
2020-09-11 at 15:27
< report >Just going by statistics on vndb, the vast majority of people rate it as either 10 or 9, so the probability that a person would totally love the game is much much higher than if they wouldn't. It means that your recommendation would be harmful in most cases. The game has some pacing issues for sure, but it doesn't change the fact that it is a unique game with nothing else like this in existence. Then again, it is surprising that someone who endured and enjoyed Clannad would complain about a game being too long and repetitive.

By the way, romance with Sora (not in her route, but in the past segments) is probably the best description of what you really experience while being in love I've seen in fiction. The real love is exactly like this "love resonance" described in the game - it is exaggerated and crazy. Unfortunatelly most people never experienced it so they can't relate.
#3 by mdzz
2020-09-11 at 16:21
< report >#2 I don't know about a recommendation being harmful. I think that it's fair for a reviewer to air out their thoughts on the work - supported substantially or not. Impetus is on the reader to do their research/think for themselves on whether or not to trust in it.

Personally, I don't agree with any of the points in this review.

There are (and will be more) positive reviews of Baldr Sky up - I think having an open dialogue is a good thing.
#4 by ganesh-swami
2020-09-12 at 12:46
< report >#2 It's a review and as #3 said I should be able to write as I felt for the game even if the majority disagrees. Unique doesn't mean anything if I think it's badly written. And I do have complaints with clannad pacing I just rate it higher because of better characters arcs. Fundamentally the pacing problem is also different in sky and clannad's case. Sky has repetition in routes, they share a lot of events like The raid at NPC sex house and it mostly gives you the same info as last route beside a small new development.

About sora I'm just gonna say I hate love at first sight. They are illogical and make the romance feel forced. I know it wasn't how it was started but the end explanation still irks me. Sora and kou just get their feelings boosted and it surpasses someone like chinatsu who had natural chemistry with kou. I don't mind the development but come on give sora some better moments with him, even the confession is just a whatever thing. Sora in sora route itself felt more like a terminal for neunzhen exposition than anything else. Kou wants to save and she thinks it's impossible so they push and pull it's fairly cliche and would be alright if I liked the previous developments. The sex scene are also misplaced really badly like wtf immediately after confession you gonna fuck? And then forced separation at hands of Gilbert?
#5 by asaki
2020-09-12 at 14:45
< report >At least Sora's route have 'passionate Hitomi Nabatame-voiced love-making' if anything else lol, and you can always play censored version if you want to avoid the sex scenes lol.
#6 by czer0c
2021-01-04 at 07:39
< report >I can agree the character writing has flaws but I find it to be of little concern in the big picture of BSD as a whole. World-building and plot integrity were really well put tbh, it's not revolutionary whatsoever for sure, but the dedication is there and I can feel it from the way they laid out everything on the screen. Route structure is also a plus, very rare do we get a VN where everything is connected.
#7 by ganesh-swami
2021-01-04 at 09:01
< report >Sorry but the route structure isn't a plus for me when the pacing is a slog and there's little new information to be gained. Chinatsu was the least offender of it for me on it and it still wasn't that great.
#8 by hannibalmick
2021-01-04 at 09:42
< report >I really like Baldr Sky (7 on BS1, 8 on BS2) but I agree concerning the insane amount of repetition which made some passages really boring to read, and who thought reminescence mode was a good idea ?