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Review of unmade man

Subjectunmade man
unmade man
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manonamora on 2023-05-25
ReviewVery short and sweet considering the post-apocalyptic setting, where you get to learn about the state of the world through a short mundane conversation.

Mundanity is one of the most compelling and interesting aspect of the post-apocalyptic genre: whether humans strive to form a community or go further into wild behaviour for the sake of survival, what kind of past values/morals were kept/discarded, how connections are formed without modern technology...

I really liked the kindness in the exchanges, with Donovan not just catching up for the sake of catching up, but making a connection with you (even though he likes to be a lone wolf) and advises you on keeping some information for yourself or letting things you are not sure are useful (a.k.a you don't know how to use) for others.
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