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Review of Osananajimi wa Daitouryou: My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT.

SubjectOsananajimi wa Daitouryou: My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT.
My Girlfriend is the President - Download Edition
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Rolex on 2023-05-25
ReviewEver wanted to romance Obama? What about Putin? This novel doesn't exactly allow you to do that but it's the next best thing. I say "best" because it's p. much the only thing. The novel itself is quite "mid", as zoomers like to say.

The plot is actually quite a bit more convoluted than it needed to be. The jist of it is that aliens crash into Japan, killing the prime minister and his cabinet. In an effort to quickly remedy the situation the aliens brain wash everyone and place a high school girl, Yukino Ohama, as the president of Japan. You are Junichirou Hondo, a regular high school student who happens to be Yukino's osananajimi and class mate. What wacky adventures are going to await you I wonder?

TL;DR it wuz alienz

If you were expecting an epic sci-fi story then you should look elsewhere. This is just another slice of life high school romance novel with a smidgen of sci-fi just to spice things up a bit. Also, despite the subject at hand, there is also not a whole lot of politics involved either, which is probably for the best because these kinds of subjects require a talented writer to pull off.

MC-kun is kind of half-way decent, sort of. He's the perverted archetype, which IMO is better than the clueless kind. He likes pulling perverted pranks on Yukino and in general has a clue with what is going on with the female characters. Later on he also gets a power-up that gives him super human strength which he uses to fight against the antagonists. I've seen worse than this MC so he gets a passing grade in my book.

Yukino is kind of what you would expect. She's the MC's osananajimi with everything that entails. Like I said she, along with everyone else, has been brain washed into believing that she is the president of Japan. Of course she also goes to high school because Japan is an extremely conservative country where it is illegal for anime to take place in any other setting. The love route involves you discovering new feelings for one another. Bla bla bla. You know the drill. Decent girl, decent H-scenes.

Irina Vladimirovna Putina is the second president that you can romance and she is without a shadow of the doubt the best girl in this VN. She's a tsundere heavy on the dere. She has the best design and the best route. The only downside is that there are some things hinted at early on in the route, which turn out to be red herrings. For example you find out that she is an orphan and that she is also afraid of the dark and the cold (presumably an after shock of her time at the orphanage), but the story doesn't really go anywhere with these themes. A missed opportunity unfortunately.

The other two girls are NOT presidents, so the title of this novel is only half true. The title should be "My Girlfriend Might Be The President". Cheeky ass devs.

First non-president girl is Ran who is the onee-sama type. Not my favorite to be honest. I just don't like this short blue hair design in general. She is the most flirtatious of the four which scores a couple of extra points for me. Her route is kinda weird and repetitive. I found her to be the weakest overall, and I am not the only one since in the expansion pack she is the only one of the four who is not featured at all. Kinda mid overall.

The second best girl in this VN is called Starship Ezekiel because SPOILER ALERT she is a space ship! Gasp! What will they think of next. She's a kuudere as is usually the standard with these loli types. I like her design and her quirky personality and her route was also the most emotional out of them all I found. Her likes include all things yakisoba as well as a cat whom she calls Scatnyan John.

There are some other secondary characters. First of all there's Qoo Little Little, the loli alien scientist who is responsible for the whole mess. Then there's MC-kun's best bro at school, Morita, a fellow man of culture and eroge enjoyer. Then there's Irina's maid Kuon WHO DOES NOT GET ANY H SCENES SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK ALCOT! There's also Ezekiel's "bigger" sister the Starship Jeremiah, whom many will no doubt find annoying, but honestly for me she was one of the most fun characters! There's also a talking alien panda because why not. And finally the big bad guy is a Pope Ratzinger-looking fellow named Josef Souma Mengele, who also happens to be your teacher at school. Yeah, things get complicated, but not really.

Honestly I liked most of the characters in this novel and the comedy was also nice. While I don't remember any laugh out loud moments, there were definitely many times where I had a smile on my face and that's enough for me.

The artwork ranges from meh to awesome! Basically the best thing about it is the backgrounds. There are some pieces like the one in the park, or the one in the dining room that look absolutely stunning! If they aspect wasn't 4:3 I'd use them as my desktop background. Then there's the CG's which are p. good, with a few exceptions. The worst ones though are the sprites. I dunno, IMO they don't look very good and I think they do the characters a disservice since they look much better in the CG's. They also only have one pose which is lame.

The H-scenes are nice and vanilla. I liked Yukino's and Irina's the most. Nothing too crazy going on. You also get to choose where to coom. Also they're uncensored so that's a big thumbs up!

Audio-wise there are only maybe a couple of stand out tracks, the rest are just background music, as is usual with these types of novels. I had no complaints about the VA. My favorites were Ezekiel and Jeremiah.

I managed to set the dialogue speed to an appropriate level for me. Be warned though, that there are only like 3 or so gradations so for you it might be different. I found it weird at first the way that the text would zoom in to the character that was speaking at that time, but I got used to it quickly. Interesting feature to say the least.

The game ran fairly well on Linux, save for the fact that in full screen I could not get to run it borderless. Perhaps your experience on Wangblows might be different.

Overall this was an average moege experience. Each route has some action and a bit of drama going on, but not too much, since this isn't the type of novel that wants to go full on crazy with its plot. Should you read it? I mean if the plot intrigues you, and you like moeges, and you want an uncensored experience, then by all means go for it.

Verdict: 6/10 decent, but not essential. Moege fans only. Everyone else should probably stay away.

Total read time about 40 hours. 100% completion. Skipped through the moans, obviously.
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