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Review of Osananajimi wa Daitouryou: My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT. Fandisc

SubjectOsananajimi wa Daitouryou: My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT. Fandisc
My Girlfriend is the President Fan Disc - Download Edition
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Rolex on 2023-05-25
ReviewThe expansion pack to My Girlfriend Is The President adds two extra routes which take place after the events of the first title. One of them featuring Ezekiel, and the other one featuring Irina feat. Yukino. Sorry Ran fans. No Rannee-san for you this time around.

Ezekiel's route starts off where the first one ended and ties up some of the loose ends from the original story. It features Ezekiel together with Jeremiah and their "mother", Qoo, trying to get along and rebuild their "family". I mentioned in my original review that Jeremiah was probably my favorite character. Unfortunately they kinda took the edge off her somewhat in the expansion. I understand why they did it, but there was just something so cathartic getting called an insect by a irascible loli alien space ship. The route is also a total loli-fest where you get H scenes will all three of them, sometimes all at once!

Irina's route feels a bit cheap. This is because it is essentially a threesome route with you two and Yukino. In theory it sounds nice that you get to have threesomes with both "presidents", but in reality I felt that it cheapened both the relationship that you had with Irina as well as Yukino's character. The romantic route with Irina was so good in the original that this expansion route almost left a sour taste in my mouth. Well at leas the H scenes were hot af.

Speaking of which this expansion also has quite a high amount of H scenes. each girl has more than they did in the original. I'd wager that about half the time spent will be listening to fake moaning, so if you're here for that then you'll be in for a treat, especially since it's all uncensored, just like the original.

I gave the original a 6/10 and I see no reason to give this any other grade. I may have given it another point if they included a scene with Kuon, but sadly they did not. Boooo!

Verdict: decent, but non-essential, unless you are already a fan of the original, in which case this will be a must read for you.

Total read time: 10 and a half hours, reading at a brisk pace, skipping the moans.
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