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Review of Edelweiss

ByVote: 6being on 2020-09-03
ReviewLegendary common route. Superb low-brow entertainment. Love the guy characters! That makes Edelweiss kind of weird. The guys are probably more memorable than the girls. The art is cartoony and expressive, but also sloppy. It's like glorified childhood scribbles. There's definitely a charm to it, but I do wish the heroines were better drawn as to look more attractive. The H scenes are unattractive. The art works better to portray the characters that are meant to look ugly. Those are just dead on. The low amount of sprite variations is a big problem during the routes, as the visuals often don't match what's happening. The visual use is not very professional, it even feels like sometimes they pick the wrong sprites out of the limited selection for certain events to begin with. There are many important scenes with no CGs. Anyways, while I loved some of this game, the character routes are for the most part not good, so it's a mixed bag. Amazing comedy, but a 2nd rate nakige. Out of the 5 routes, I only liked one of them. I also liked the short joke route as it was more in tune with the common route. Had it just been a comedy it would've been so good, but instead they had to bring in bad drama and romance and magical story shit. Hard to rate. In any case, I didn't "hate" any routes, they were just underwhelming/poor for the most part, so I feel I can recommend the game, because there's at least 5-10 hours of great entertainment in it. It's a mixed bag but one where all the awesome stuff is concentrated into the early game, so if you want to laugh your ass off, then it's worth checking out, just be prepared for it to eventually lose its charm as it goes into a different direction.


#1 by NowItsAngeTime
2020-10-16 at 01:40
< report >The hilarious common route + meh nakige routes are my exact opinion on the game.

I still gave a 7 just cuz I like common and the character group interactions that much.