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Review of Kanojo no Seiiki

SubjectKanojo no Seiiki
Kanojo no Seiiki
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kei-tr on 2023-06-06
ReviewThis is going to be a subjective review. Actually, it's going to be half venting and half warning readers interested in this rather than a review. If you are not bothered by what I am going to point out, then you will probably be ok; it is what it seems. It is just another average, short-length moege with a only single heroine; maybe it leans slightly on the nukige side since it has high sexual content.

What I consider "very minor" spoilers will be unmarked, but anything beyond that is marked.

1) Despite being vanilla-ish vn, romance in this vn isn't wholesome. This means they start doing it before they become a couple (and they become a couple at the very end if you choose the lovers option). And how their relationship starts is absurd, maybe in a good, comedic way if you are open-minded enough and weren't already bothered by the fact they started doing it before they become a couple. This is how it starts (not much of a spoiler, but I will mark it anyway):

The heroine works at a maid cafe. She forbids protag from entering the maid cafe because she is embarrassed to be seen by him. Then protag is dragged to the cafe by other girls who don't know about the heroine working there, against his will. The heroine doesn't listen to this excuse at all and decides he needs "punishment". The rest of it goes like this:

Heroine: "You saw me even though I warned you to not come to the cafe, so I will punish you by humiliating you. Strip."
Me: "Okaaay...?"
Heroine: "Now I will "service" you in this totally submissive position by giving you a handjob. You are totally humiliated, aren't you?"
Me: "Riiight..."
Heroine: "And now I will proceed to give you a blowjob and gulp down all of your semen like it's the most delicious thing. Now, how is that for punishment and humiliation?"
Me: "...sigh."

That's how their relationship starts. Then in the next scene:

Heroine: "You have been a good butler today. Now lick my foot as a reward."
Me: "Lol, seriously?"

2) They have a master-and-servant relationship because protag "molested" her, so he should take responsibility. Heroine of course knows he didn't molest her, but forcing this relationship means they now have an excuse to see each other and both of them cling to this excuse since they want to see each other. Around the middle of the vn, there is a scene of them meeting at the arcade for the first time, and then the heroine brings him to her room. In that scene, they talk about almost everything. Their past, circumstances and feelings. Protag even confesses to her (the heroine also thinks she loves him, but she doesn't confess because being honest isn't in her repertoire, though at that point it's pretty obvious even to the protagonist that she doesn't exactly hate him). So, there is no reason to continue that master-and-servant relationship which also bothers them quite a bit. But no. Even though protag confesses his feelings asking her out doesn't even cross his mind for some reason. That was a good point to end vn maybe after giving a date scene and an h-scene. I would probably give even a 7, despite what I wrote at 1). But no. The show is forced to go on. Why? Because there are more h-scenes they want to give and they are h-scenes with dominance and submissiveness, they couldn't give us those scenes freely if they don't force this relationship to continue no matter what, am I right? (no, actually, you could if you made them roleplay or pretend that content)

3) Protagonist is donkan, but the heroine is even more donkan. At one point in the story, she starts to have some wild assumptions and thus some misunderstandings out of nowhere, despite a lot of evidence showing the contrary. Protag even though sees her misunderstanding, doesn't lift a finger and goes with the flow until the end and lets the heroine torture herself so she doesn't lose him.

The protagonist says "I love you" to her a lot of times. A few times he also says "I love you when you are lewd". At one point in the story, that brain of hers completely erases all of those "I love you", and "I love you when you are lewd" transforms to "I only love you when you are lewd" for some reason. Thus our heroine tries to distance herself from the protagonist at first and then gives him to reins because she is completely assured that he hates her (including her master and fem dom part) except for her lewd side. You ask why? Because it's time for male dom scenes now, and this is the best way the author could come up with for switching roles in h-scenes. Later she says something similar to "I know you hate me." and protag thinks "(Why would she think that? I don't remember doing anything to make her think that way.)" But for some ungodly reason, he doesn't inquire, he doesn't ask her about what he just thought! Dude, the girl you supposedly love just said something like "I know you hate me." There is no escape by being donkan since you clearly heard her! Just clear that unbelievable misunderstanding, don't let her torture herself even more! But he doesn't do what almost every human being will do in that situation and lets her words flow away from him! Why!? But of course, there is still one more male dom h-scene, so the story will be forced to go on just a little more.

This is one of the best examples of what I hate most about vns, and it is unfortunately rather common. There are problems easy enough to notice as fireworks in the middle of darkness and quiet with solutions easy enough to solve as 2+2=?. Uttering a few words to the related party would solve the whole big drama, and it's something every human being could think but they don't so the story can move on. And authors can't think of a better way than making protagonists braindead and blind to force the plot to continue. This vn is even worse in a way; the problem itself as well doesn't makes sense at all, and even though protag notices the problem and knows the solution he just goes with the flow just because (in this case, it's for a more specific kind of h-scenes)

This vn was a disappointment and a little shock considering it came from the guy who made what I regard as a masterpiece.

I know some of you guys would say: "This is just a moege, so who cares. You care too much." and believe me, I didn't care too much despite my writing style. I was disappointed and frustrated, moderately annoyed and didn't get angry much. If it had been more serious vn I probably would felt much worse. And forcing the plot to continue no matter what, for whatever reason and for whatever it takes, even though the problem is the easiest thing to notice and solve in the world is a subject I am particularly sensitive to, hence my opening line.

5/10 (btw lowest I gave a jvn was 4/10)
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#1 by funnerific
2023-06-06 at 16:07
< report >Nothing quite like a review with a rant in it. :D I love it, write more!
#2 by komo-cakep
2023-06-06 at 19:56
< report >
3) Protagonist is donkan, but the heroine is even more donkan.

actually the protag isn't a donkan. he was being falsely accused right from the beginning for being a train molester and the last thing you'd think to a false accuser is that she has that interest in you. as for the heroine, she has to keep up the act or they'll just go their separate ways. protag clearly wants nothing to have to do with a false accuser. how was this being a donkan?
#3 by kei-tr
2023-06-06 at 23:04
< report >
he was being falsely accused right from the beginning for being a train molester and the last thing you'd think to a false accuser is that she has that interest in you

Isn't being a donkan not noticing that she's making an excuse to be with him? Along with all that blushing, stuttering, acting like a modern tsundere (while being a total deredere) etc. At a few points in the story, he missed little too obvious hints and I thought he is worthy of being defined as a donkan. Of course, he is nowhere near to being an extreme case like certain another person who can't even properly register a simple "I love you", so at least his mild donkanness wasn't another detriment from the enjoyment of the vn for me.
#4 by cheekyman07
2023-06-06 at 23:08
< report >You know I kind of want to read this now just for comedy sake, this is really making me laugh. Kind of like how sometimes you get that urge to watch a b-movie.
#5 by komo-cakep
2023-06-06 at 23:35
< report >
Isn't being a donkan not noticing that she's making an excuse to be with him?

sorry but false accusations are serious and ruins an entire career. there's only one place where she belong.

edit: I didn't liked the majority of this if its not obvious. and the romance progression between the two main charas... yeah no. I can't for the life of me see how did she became "dere" to the mc.Last modified on 2023-06-06 at 23:37
#6 by wesdag
2023-06-07 at 00:36
< report >I didn't like this VN (because the heroine), I'm actually looking forward for the Imouto no Seiiki because I love the little sister.
2023-06-13 at 14:51
< report >I'm not interested in the Seiiki series, but Hoshikaku, Chiikano and Yumeiro are all worth my time. Maybe you should try one of those three when they get localized. I know I will.