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Review of Amakano 2+

SubjectAmakano 2+
ByHelpfulness: 3
Vote: 10
RemInory on 2023-06-06
ReviewHave no reason not to give a 10. Azarashi is probably the best pure love story producer of all time.
Even the new character route (Sara one) is well written, very good try. Also nice to combine it with previous characters
3 points
#1 by sekera
2023-06-12 at 09:43
< report >Unfortunately, after finishing Chitose's route in this I have multiple reasons not to give this a 10. And I gave most previous Amakano VNs a 10.

Also, it felt like Sara had way too much screentime in it. I mean, if I pick Chitose's afterstory I want to read Chitose's afterstory, not a long introduction of a brand new heroine. They should have saved Sara for the next VN.