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Review of Twilight

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jarly on 2023-06-07
ReviewWeird novel. But I liked it.
Because of cool gothic vibes, I think.
Monochrome photographic backgrounds (just look at the screens) and melancholic music create dark, sorrowful atmosphere. So gothic feels are practically seeping from the air.
Btw, PC release has some nice arrangements of original music tracks. And X68k version can flex with whole new soundtrack by Takami&Umemoto (Eve and Yuno composers). That version is great even as standalone music album.

About setting. The story sets in Transylvania, homeland of legendary Dracula. The best place for some occult stories.
So, a man arrives in a monastery school. That man is our MC, an edgy guy with cold demeanor and also a magician from some Dark Cult of magic-users or something, this stuff has never explained properly. He wants to find disciples of sister Christa, the rogue mage from aforementioned Cult.

And then there is a girl/scenario selection. This novel has an omnibus structure. So there is no common, you just select the girl and immediately go to her scenario.
Actually, there are like two disciples (and that's a stretch) (Eleanor and Rin), and the other girls just talked with sister sometimes. Coincidentally, the same two routes are more "meaty" than the others. They probably wanted to make every route at least that big, but didn't have enough time or money for that. Actually, there are some graphic resources in the game archives that weren't used at all. Probably the traces of cut content.
The girls here are pretty different. Rin and Elsia are the cute ones. Sara is a tomboy. Sasha and Eleanor are the gloomy ones. And Yuni is a bratty one. It's actually pretty funny that the oldest girl in the cast is childish, while youngest girls are stoic and collected.

Among other notes. Yuni's route is kinda weird. It reads like a comedy while there is zero humor in the rest of the game.
Sasha's route has no happy ending. But there is unused Sasha sprite in the game archives along with unused ending background. Maybe her good end got cut for some reason.
In general, scenarios are short, not very engaging and have setting inconsistencies among themselves.

Ergo, it would be probably for the best to see this novel as some kind of art installation, compilation of gothic images and music.
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