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Review of Glasses Girl: Girls in Glasses

SubjectGlasses Girl: Girls in Glasses
Glasses Girl: Girls in Glasses - 18+ DLC
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Omikron on 2023-06-08
ReviewSweet. Short but sweet.
This little VN features cute heroines, one cuter than the other. Each of them have their quirks but those make them even more loveable. They seemed fleshed out well enough when thinking about the length of this game.

After a very short 'common route' the heroine selection via map movement starts. Choose their location, and if they are not available, choose the location the girls like to spend their time at.
Spending time with each girl gets you closer to them and you learn more about them.
Kotomi und Iroha have their own little story, in Kana's case it's more about the MCs past, but still very fitting.
For me it worked perfectly to have a heroine's route which focusses on her support of the MC coming to terms with his PTSD because of a certain incident when he was little even though she initially was the reason why he experienced his trauma again instead of her issues/problems/doubts etc. solved by the MC.

Those stories vary in terms of drama to a great extend.

Very good music, art is different from what I'm used to. Some proportions seem a little off.
Loads of backgrounds, each with different variations. Didn't expect that for that short work.

MC was good, he actually had a personality.

The H itself is good but entirely fan-service. The game would be exactly the same without the patch applied.


- Technical issues: After applying the +18 patch, the CG recollection tab didn't show a single CG. Scene recollection works fine.
- Very few setting adjustement options.
- Everyone's first h-scene felt misplaced.

Fav girl: Iroha=Kana >= Kotomi (All are cuties!!)
Route: Kana

I'd like to see more girls with glasses in VNs.
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