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Review of Jakou no Lyla ~Allure of MUSK~

SubjectJakou no Lyla ~Allure of MUSK~
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VwVneer on 2023-06-09
Character driven game with plot parts
On the Shorter side regarding game length
Common route is slightly longer than the actual LIs route
LI routes : we have 6 LIs , some LIs have more than one Bad ending and the standard single happy ending , Unique point this game has three 3some routes two LIs in each no locked routes
Romance: feel like 1st game has some then again am not too sure not too big on this aspect , if you want the gradual development of emotions then NOP this is not for you
Music: few of them made me dance hehe , special BGMs for each LI
Art: Generally pastel & vibrant colors , pleasant to look at
Voice acting: Marvelous staff picked up highly talented cast
Hugely focuses on lust and deceiving with some purity while it is considered an all ages game in PC , let me assure you IT'S NOT the line where they separate R18 is not crossed , tho they dance around it , meaning even if they don't show the acts , the description spills it out in sometimes directly or/& indirectly
it does have pretty intense stuff in so make sure to read the warnings personally i adore this game highly recommend it for fellow steamy otome games enjoyers
LIs/3some ranking : Rolan> Korei/Raizal > Jemil > Vince > Kirei ,,, Raizal&Jemil > Vince$Rolan > Korei&Kirei

i have written a detailed review for each night down below

Jakou no lyla 1st night -European night- review
started off with an impactful opening scene MC is a smart working girl the length of the game felt perfect and on the shorter side , i think it focuses more in the character with a suitable plot for each LI great point that was taken into consideration LI clothes change more than usual according to the event Nice mix between excitement and romance although i didn't like the political parts bcs i didn't understand them Common route was not that long , LI routes were kind of short i loved the CGs they were colorful and vibrant , art style looks promising BGM were variant i liked the opening theme song extremely Admittingly this game is very steamy it is stated that it's for all ages in PC i assure you some of the things there are def not suitable for all ages
Spoilers ahead!
Both LIs are charming and have their good and bad sides , the one who won the title of my fave is Rolan , Vince is not in any way boring , he had that sexy tension in some scenes i -same as MC- find his strict ambitious part respect worthy that scene where he couldn't resist his urges due to hennah tattoo effect was memorable .
Rolan is opposite of Vince at 1st he was shy , naïve, and lacked self confidence , that fueled his dark hidden part , which btw i enjoyed a LOT , the way he touched her , expressed affection was crazy , addicting and tempting. i must say i'm not a big fan of cry babies/weak characters, as well as the one who have 'experience' in that regard , how he was presented differs so perhaps that what made me accept it he was not actively trying to look for ppl to sleep with he was just lonely , of course his Background story was worse than vince it made his bad endings make sense
Shireen was very helpful and supportive in both routes , attractive lady that do not shy from having great time in pleasure i liked her assortment of hairstyles and clothes

Jakou no lyla 2nd night -Asian night- review
personally i prefer Asian vibes so the clothes , backgrounds , decorations and music were great can tell they focused here on love from 1st sight since each one of them fell in lov the second they saw her it was more fast paced regarding romance ...problem solving events were finely paced Minimum reliance on her spy tools spice was okay tho less than 1st night which was a lil bit saddening plot wise Korei's was better playtime felt shorter for some reason luckily there weren't lots of political stuff so it was simple to understand i was shocked by how missed up antagonists are once again many CGs were drawn in the dark of course some were lively & vibrant but yea not a fan of shadows or not enough light in the art specially for this game where i need to see everything clearly definitely fun game
Fave LI is Korei memorable scene is the iconic scene ! that came in the middle of the game as a surprise loved it a lot hehe , he was very obsessed with her and in the same time he thought of using her , out of all LIs none were able to be like him , how he could read her , how she didn't know he was thinking, i mentioned a positive point he trusts her abilities & actually worked together to investigate his tragic past was disturbing i felt sad for him srsly no wonder he despised those acts then again the virgin boy is a monster in bed she said he had an amazing bod ! WHY DIDN'T THEY SHOW US UGHHH -screams in agony- the most wholesome event is when he drew her
Kirei is good , flirty types are usually not my sup of tea .. he was very pure in some points opposite of his image , him blushing is the best thing to see most of his route was him taking care of injured Shireen, Her trying not to expose Miran?! yup didn't like that
3some route, they tried to change the approach a lil which gave us more individual LI CGs last one is unforgettable

Jakou no lyla 3rd night -Arabian night- review
i don't know where to start obsessed with the 3some route i wanted more spicy CGs as always guess they were restricted by sth at the start and while playing Jemil's route it looked like they will never get along then again i was proved wrong even when they 1st made love to her no one suggested the idea of 3ppl they just did it as naturally and smoothly as it could get the opposite pair of older and younger trope BRILLIANT idea how they fight and nag at each other was just so beautiful the smile won't leave my face it was this route where they revealed everything, shocked by the big news , the despair the bad ending shared it was awful ... , one thing annoyed me they didn't directly show us what will their relationship be , will it be similar to Vince or ambiguous as korei or perhaps in between
ADMITTING this part (3rd night) is the spiciest terribly pronounced in every aspect , for me personally Raizal & 3some were making , the plot? part was heavier than other games , they explained all mysteries Afterall and helped the other princes liked the active segments of it , how all 3 of them worked toward one goal they bonded with Shireen through past or hardships i can't stop gushing abt how perfect was bratty jemil with mature Raizal they create an amazing pair , i didn't hate any of them i think the description of naughty acts was noticeably bolder one or two CGs were very much R18 if they fixed the angle and remove the censor like stuff since this game has essential info i consider it to be the most enjoyable from a plot point of view
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