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Review of Kouen Itazura Simulator ver. Mako

SubjectKouen Itazura Simulator ver. Mako
ByVote: 6.4eacil on 2018-03-05 last updated on 2020-10-13
ReviewKouen Itazura Simulator ver. Mako is a simulator with high production values and just the fact it is not using shitty 3D is worth of respect.

You will have a lot of fun discovering every situation on which you will unzip your dick, situations which are all pretty hot. Sadly, the game never goes beyond the simulation to transform the try.

Mako is the dullest heroine ever. It is just a bot who repeats whatever you say to her, especially when you are on the verge of ejaculating. The system loops on you giving her cue cards to the point that, once, I thought she broke down because she was shouting ad infinitum the same stupid words:
>elementary school student, elementary school student, elementary school student
>elementary school student, elementary school student, elementary school student
>elementary school student, elementary school student, elementary school student
something like that. It gave me a headache and I had to finish this scene quickly.

The game is hot because it's built on a realistic perspective. It is well aware of the taboo and uses it without restraint, what you never really see in your typical loli-moe-ge. No, you are not a good guy having a sweet romance with a little girl in your Peter Pan escapist world, you are a child molester who has to watch out if you don't want to spend the rest of your life in jail (use the binoculars!). Unfortunately, it is used in the wrong way. Mako has no personality whatsoever. It could have been a dutch wife it would have been the same.
Same for the protagonist and his monomaniacal pedo-monologues. The guy has nothing to say but has a lot of descriptive bullshit to unwind. So much useless lines of text stacked on top of each other to the point that sometimes they climb half the screen. At the end, I skipped them. I have something else to do than reading some pedo banzai logorrhoea. Well, the final biblical interpretation was funny even though I don't remember an inch of it but a lot of Christians would die if they read it.

So, the game spends all its time showing hot because forbidden situations but forgets to build something on top of it and indulges itself way too much into just satisfying your pedo urge. In the end, it is too artificial. If the intention is good (realism), when you go past the shiny surface, you come to realize that they bet everything on the appearances. Realism fails when you are interacting with a submissive bot. There are some sweet token moments with Mako but they don't deceive you, you are just taking advantage of her to satisfy your urges in an egoistical way and you will ditch her the moment the situation will be too risky. It's just sex. It's just a simulator. It is too fetish focused.

At some point all of that tires you and even if you are still excited at a new scene you don't have the will to pursue the variations because it became a repetitive chore (the reason why it took me 15 freaking months to complete). The system has a little to do with that, too. I don't know if it's because my PC is bad but I can't perform some "piston" actions without moving my mouse like a madman from right to left, what totally screw the animation, making it pitifully jerking, before you are released and it goes auto. A couple of time, I even pulled my hair on what I was supposed to do. No, the action part can be really detrimental to the experience and get in your way.

Play it only if you want a realistic loli-fucking simulator with great production values, but don't expect more.

Note: I didn't select a release because I played the modded version which brought the greatness of type A to r49027. Read t8614.


#1 by barfboy
2020-10-13 at 19:35
< report >Hit

This is why Itazura Love Hitoke no Nai Kouen de Shoujo to Ai o Hagukumou is my favorite of theirs so far Shiiko is just so much better as a heroine.
#2 by eacil
2020-10-13 at 22:46
< report >Are the other games from that brand using the same dumb enforced automode? It's a deal breaker as I can't read fast enough.
Did you read their lolicon isekai LN (Hikikomori Lolicon Tensei), btw?
#3 by barfboy
2020-10-14 at 00:38
< report >No, the forced automode started here Kozukuri Renshuu Jugyou Love's Right Sex Shinai to Sokushikei
All previous games don't have it. I saw that they had Lolicon Tensei on their site, but kinda just skimmed through it. It's based on this girl Tio
Which you probably already know.

These are my favorite games by them
Itazura Love Hitoke no Nai Kouen de Shoujo to Ai o Hagukumou
Shiiko Love ~Usugurai Heya no Naka de Shoujo o Model ni Eroge Seisaku~

Super Choukyoushi J ~Nerawareta Kouen Shimai~ is fun and I could recommend it along with Oku-sama wa ○ Gakusei, one of the first games animated by them is Kagikko Shoujo ~Hizashi no Naka no Orusuban~ and it's super weird ... it's just, super weird.
Kodomo Milk Parfait is good, it literally has Yuuko Goto playing a 10 year old girl having sex, yes THAT Yuuko Goto.
Shoujo to Sekai to Okashi no Ken ~Route of Ichigo 1~ is super ambitious but dropped halfway through for poor sales. It's a really long story with no sex. You heard me.

Mika Ganbaru ~Oshiete Ecchi na Obenkyou~
Houkago Nyannyan Club
Kodomo no Himitsu are okay.
Imouto Pet ~Repure~
and Imouto Pet ~Premo~ are also okay.

The rest are ... there. They exist. I guess that's something. Existence.Last modified on 2020-10-14 at 00:40
#4 by eacil
2020-10-14 at 01:35
< report >I am taking notes. Thanks.

It's a really long story with no sex. You heard me.
I don't know, the screens are disagreeing with you.
Looks too chuuni for me anyway.
Incomplete but self-contained story? I see multiple VN linked to this one.Last modified on 2020-10-14 at 01:36
#5 by barfboy
2020-10-14 at 02:46
< report >True enough and I should write a review for it. The scenes you see are after the novel is over (part 1 anyway) there's a shot of a guy reading it and he gets upset that there was no sex. The writer Kumaki Todorokimaru then promises there will be sex in part 2 so be patient. Then the guy reading complains so Someya Shiiko shows up and they get to have sex with Shiiko and Ichigo. It's 4th wall stuff that has nothing to do with the story. Since part 2 will never come out, it's all we'll ever get (Miso Oden was super pissed because he and Todoro-kun had an argument before working on it and he was proven right when it failed to sell).

The reason it's connected is it's Ichigo's route of the same story and was supposed to be the true route and ending so we could finally have closure. Route of Nana and Ayano are what if the MC chose them instead of Ichigo but it was obvious Todoro-kun always wanted Ichigo to be the winner.