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Review of Tokimeki Memorial 2

SubjectTokimeki Memorial 2
Tokimeki Memorial 2 - Konami The Best
ByVote: 10barfboy on 2020-10-13
ReviewI don't know if I should keep this a 10, it probably deserves it but I haven't played this in 15 years and I only played it a couple times. My roommate owned it and I played his copy while he was still my roommate. I didn't know much Japanese at the time, I had my roommate's sister help me through it because she lived in Japan for two years but she was only available by phone. So you can understand when I say it wasn't like I knew much about what was happening. The girls were cute and I understood enough to enjoy it but don't take my review as word of God.

I prefer this to the first Tokimeki Memorial game. Shiori was an iconic character but I never liked her. The whole time in Tokimeki Memorial 1 Shiori expects the protagonist to win her. She's an unreachable goal and it's his responsibility to break his back trying to get her to like him while she does nothing in exchange (unless you count the sheep counting if you click her window). Reminds me of Stardust if the protagonist kept going for Victoria. Tokimeki Memorial 2 doesn't suffer for this, Hikari is sweet and likable but she's just an ordinary girl who will naturally fall in love with the protagonist because they're neighbors and close friends. She's what a childhood friend should be in a romance story with childhood friends. Sweet, gentle, and friendly while not being a goddess on a pedestal.

Kotoko takes the place of Shiori from Tokimeki Memorial 1, she's the more 'unreachable' girl but you didn't grow up together. She's Hikari's friend, not yours. Kotoko isn't as difficult as Shiori so you should be able to win her without going insane. So convincing her to like you makes sense, you are after all, Hikari's childhood friend and stealing away her childhood friend is not something Kotoko takes lightly.

Kasumi is the other childhood friend. You kinda have to work for her because she's your teacher and you've got to convince her to date and confess to her student. So it makes sense that she would be a difficult win.

Homura is unique. I don't know other heroines like her. A playful otaku with bad grades who just likes hanging out with the principal of the school for some reason who also happens to be Student Council president because ... she likes hanging out with the principal for some reason. Good girlfriend for those who like otaku girls. Most likely girlfriend to be on 2chan, watching anime and playing Tokimeki Memorial.

Akane I did not like. I felt sorry for her. Her brother is a gang member and her family is poor. Expect some RPG fights you have to win to convince her brother to give her up. So keep your stats high, one single high stat is good enough.

Mei is the rich underclassman. Secretly adorable. Video game player and programmer. I was never a fan.

Miyuki is annoying, move on.

Kaedeko is almost as annoying as Miyuki. Transfers schools the last year so you'll hardly see her anymore. Has some cute reunion moments worth playing for.

Miho is the fantasy loving, fairy girl who's the second best girl in the game (after Hikari and before Kasumi). Every moment with her is precious. I loved fantasy novels as a kid, Miho was my girl.

Maho is Miho's twin sister with big boobies. Really a spoiler character who will randomly show up instead of Miho. You can only tell them apart starting from the second year when Maho's boobs grow bigger than her twin's but she's far more into fashion and looking pretty while Miho is the reader who enjoys walks and parks. Miho is obviously superior.

Kaori is a tough, quiet girl who will move out if you don't pay her enough attention. Like Akane I didn't like her, I felt sorry for her.

Those are the main girls, you can of course win with Sumire if you're lucky enough to see her 3 events and end up with nobody you'll get Sumire as a backup. Or Maeka who is your childhood friend Kasumi's classmate from high school and local delivery girl. You can win with her if you've seen enough events and won with nobody else. At least she has boobies I guess?

The game plays just like Tokimemo 1. Work on your stats, meet girls when your stats in what they prefer are high enough, call them up for dates. If you ask a girl to a place she likes she's more likely to say yes. If she's in love with you enough you can take her places she likes less. Bringing Kotoko skiing for example is hard but doable if she's very much in love. That's all I can remember.


#1 by fuukanou
2020-10-14 at 16:51
< report >Can you please give a (very rough) estimate of the length? Your review has gotten me interested.Last modified on 2020-10-14 at 16:52
#2 by onorub
2020-10-14 at 17:49
< report >4 to 6 hours per playthrough depending on how much you savescum, i think. Only done 5 routes so far (might undrop it) but i thought it had the best character roster out of the TokiMemo series (TokiMemo 4 had slightly better routes though).

One thing the review failed to mention: the girls with the lowest affinity towards the protagonist will end up with the best friend characters. You can actually have some fun hooking up specific girls with the best friends that way.Last modified on 2020-10-14 at 20:00