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Review of Dear My Friend

SubjectDear My Friend
ByVote: 6.4onorub on 2020-10-14
ReviewNice comfy atmosphere and lots of cute character interactions. Unfortunately, there are times where adding drama to keep routes exciting ended up working against the story. However, i feel that a remake with some rewrites here and there would get some decent attention. Borderline decent VN.

Ranking down girls: Tsukuyo>Saeka>Komugi>Mai>Miyako.

Ranking down routes:
1) Mai (soap opera antics worked best here)
2) Tsukuyo (really good drama despite that Genki Dama ending)
3) Saeka (cliche drama but still nice)
4) Komugi (nice backstory but nothing much beyond that)
5) Miyako (perfectly explains the game's subtitle but heroine's behavior is annoying and soap opera antics make the last two hours of the route ridiculous)