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Review of Ai ♂ Mai ♀ Misuto

SubjectAi ♂ Mai ♀ Misuto
ByVote: 9barfboy on 2020-10-15
ReviewI haven't finished all the routes in this game. I've finished most of them. It takes me several months to a couple years to pick it up again after I finish a route. This is not because it's bad. This is because it's so good I can't bring myself to ruin the experience by starting another route. This game is so good it's criminal. Sadly it is the absolute greatest of the Genderbending genre because nothing else comes even close.

Ikumi is a guy. He's in high school/jr high (when kids in Japan wear uniforms) and he says 'Ore'. So he's very masculine. His childhood friend is Hayami Mana who sounds like Yukari Tamura I am not joking. I had to check whether it was her or not and still don't believe it isn't. It's uncanny. One day he goes to check on her father and gets caught in the Ai Mai Mist which changes him into a girl. The reason is because the Ai Mai Mist alters you based on probability from other universes. So Ikumi is changed to the female version of himself as he would appear in a universe where he was born a girl. She begs Mana for help, she doesn't even know how to use the bathroom and is so scared she pees herself on the floor. Mana gives her a bath and tries to get her clothes but she won't wear them, insisting on wearing men's clothes. They call her father and ask for help. He explains what the Ai Mai Mist is and how he's experimenting with it. He warns Ikumi not to get involved with it until he can figure out what happened. This will come up later.

Meanwhile Ikumi insists on talking like a boy, wearing boy clothes, and tries to cut her hair. Mana warns her that if she dares to cut such beautiful hair she will never speak to her again, ever. It would be a crime against humanity to cut such beautiful hair and I agree. It is nearly down to her knees. So Ikumi wanders around town for a couple days enjoying her hobby of photography and is caught when she goes to develop film by Hibino Hikari as the female version of Ikumi. Hikari hooks up with Mana to get Ikumi girl clothes and help her act like a girl. Ikumi refuses and at a coffee shop goes into the men's room to pee when she's followed by a guy who tries to rape her but is rescued by Mana and Hikari. They then DEMAND she start speaking and acting as a girl, no excuses. If a girl walks into a men's room, speaks and acts and dresses like a boy, expect to be assaulted. Finally she gives up and lets them get her panties, a bra, and a skirt. After that they insist she start going to school again, they cannot let her lose time to study.

So she shows up at school under the exact same name, claiming to be the male Ikumi's cousin. She proves she's a girl to another girl in class and this helps fix the situation where people suspected her of wearing a wig and cross dressing. After that she's accepted as a girl.

This is just how the story STARTS. It is a slow and unique investigation on what would happen to a masculine man if he were turned into a girl. She has to slowly get accustomed to living as a girl. Wearing girl clothes, acting as a girl, speaking like a girl. It is a fantastic experience to come along with her on her journey.

The routes
Mana loves Ikumi and although it takes time she realizes she can love her as a girl. The game ends with them having sex as girls several times before a solution is found by Mana's father and Ikumi is turned back into a boy. If that disappoints some of you the closing scene has him randomly turn into a girl on the street and Mana pulling her aside to change her clothes in a public bathroom because apparently this still happens from time to time. Ikumi will apparently spend the rest of his life sometimes turning into a girl.

Hikari is in love with Ikumi BECAUSES she's a girl. In her route Ikumi chases after the Ai Mai Mist against Mana's father's warnings. She finds some of the mist floating in the air conditioning ducts at the train station and crawls in trying to reach it, thinking that contact with the mist a second time will turn her back into a boy. It fails. Mana's father tells her that this is her fault, she will never be able to become a boy again. The transformation is now permanent. Hikari explains that she is in love with her because she's a girl and life with her will still be wonderful. Ikumi agrees and the two end up a couple. This is the ending for those of you who wanted the lesbian end from the start.

Yuuji is Ikumi's roommate when he was a boy. When Ikumi goes to get some of her things from her room Yuuji quickly discovers it's Ikumi. If you ever see this scene, you are on Yuuji's route and you cannot get off again. If you don't like Yuuji go back to the previous choice and start again. Yuuji is a jackass. He is the type of hero that often ends up in otome games as a strong forceful guy who gets what he wants and what he wants is Ikumi. His ending is getting Ikumi pregnant so she decides to marry Yuuji and the two are a couple forever after. It's okay. It's the end you want if you want a pregnant Ikumi end.

I haven't played the other main routes. There are two bad ends that are fantastic.

Bad end 1. My favorite ending to the game. Mana's father never finds a cure. A year later Ikumi is the 'Princess of the School'. She is the prettiest girl and school idol and held up on a pedestal by all the girls and boys. She is walking down the hall and accidentally runs into a boy and both apologize. The other students squeal that the 'Princess of the School' just ran into the 'Prince of the School' and everyone hopes they become a couple. Ikumi's heart skips a beat and there's good indication that she'll date him. Oh god. This is the route I wanted so bad to see. It's why this novel gets a 9 instead of a 10.

Bad end 2. Ikumi gets caught by a gang of boys and raped until she likes it. She ends up as a plaything for the gang, constantly having sex and covered in cum. She ends up pregnant and happy in her situation. The ending for all the sickos like me who want to see a genderbent girl turned into a sex pet. This is the end for you.

I'll get to the other endings sometime. I finished Hikari's about 18 months ago and it's about time I did the others. Hikari's route was so good I didn't want to spoil it by switching routes, just like with Mana's before.


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2020-10-16 at 12:28
< report >Truer words have never been spoken. Ai Mai Mist really is the absolute greatest of the genre, the prose is so stunningly elegant and the themes so beautifully profound. I dream of a day the world can be blessed with such a marvelous work of art once again.