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Review of Emily is Away Too

SubjectEmily is Away Too
Emily is Away Too
ByVote: 6psm3l0 on 2020-10-15
ReviewEmily is Away Too brings many improvements and new features compared to the first game. The message being typed automatically was a great addition since having to press random keys was something that tired me quickly in the previous game. The file exchanging could be used more, but it was still fascinating and made the interaction between them more "alive". The most brilliant addition, for me, was the use of links. Besides the incredible work of recreating the aesthetics of the internet of the 2000s, with even the mention of some very nostalgic memes (and that existed even before we talked about memes!), this was a great way to insert licensed songs in the vn without actually having to acquire their rights and also without disrespecting laws. After all, we are directed to youtube.

However, what needed the most improvement was basically ignored: the writing. Emily is Away Too is still a story sustained by nostalgia, with archetypal characters (a virgin nerd x a drunk punk) and a story that provides nothing but the nostalgia of the 2000s. The drama is weak, and the girls have their identity so poorly worked out that even dialogues are repeated between them (even though they are, theoretically, opposite). Along with this, we had a time mechanic in chapter 3 that, besides leaving the characters more childish, has little consistency with the rest of the game (we can take as long as we want to answer during the whole game but only in this part suddenly the messages are exchanged in real-time?). Combined with the very low creativity in the elaboration of the endings, this makes Emily is Away Too an experience considerably below what it could have been.

That said, I still recommend it because I don't believe it's a bad game. The visual identity is fantastic, and the author knew very well how to use nostalgia, besides having found quite smart solutions for this format. But I really hope that the successor will explore all the hidden potential in this project.